The whole nine yards

Tuesday I woke up with my head in my ass (pardon my french), noticing the first tell-tale signs that something awful was going to happen. My head felt like a melon (again, a french expression), and my throat was swollen. Yes, dear sympathisers, there was a cold coming on. I had already written that my older sister was dragging her sickness around, and since her visit over the week-end the little one got a stuffed nose as well. My mom was already having cough problems since we saw my sister on the Monday before. I was able to hold up the fort until then, but alas, even my super-power immune system which has been trained on wet hair outside and old doubtful food cannot hold forever. Yes, I do get a tad dramatic when I’m sick. But this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Right before Christmas – where there is so much to do and to eat!

Speaking of food, have I said yet that I’m eating pretty badly over here? Not only can I scratch sport from the program for these two weeks, but I’ve also been on a strict diet of carbs and sugar at snacking intervals. I have officially had to loosen my belt by one hole, it is that bad. New years resolution number one: watch the food intake and exercise accordingly.

So that morning I did not care that the little one spent her time in front of the TV or didn’t want to eat anything. Instead, I couch potatoed with her. My mom was out in Paris to eat lunch with her guy, which also met that it was up to me to pick up my older sister when she got to the train station (she had gone back to Paris Sunday evening). Because of course it would have been to complicated to organize themselves so that they could drive back together. Do you know what this means, Internet? Do you?! It means I would have to drive – by myself – in french traffic! Oh, the horror! Plus, with a small child in the back. And not in a tank. Long story short, the legendary tardiness of my sister pulled through, allowing enough time for the others to come back before I needed to pick her up. Dropped the keys and car papers back in my moms hand – danger averted.


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