Happppy New Year!

I know it’s a bit of a jump going from Christmas Eve to the New Year – but isn’t that what happens to us all? Things get lost “in between the years”… But since I haven’t written in a week and a half, I just wanted to update things a little.

Christmas Eve and Day were very nice, I had a very pleasant time with the family. I’ll continue the story of my stay in France in a little while. So in short: those two days were pact with typical yuletide pastimes, then came the week-end which was used to hang, then on Monday my older sister and I left for Mannheim.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning were spent shopping and preparing for New Years Eve, but after 14h on the 31rst my town went dead. Literally, from one moment to the next it went from a busy bustling city center to a ghost town. The evening was spent – of course – “sliding into” the new year. Welcome, 2009! Thursday, the 1rst, was spent recuperating. Everything was still closed anyway.

Friday was semi-normal again, as the people rose from their hiding spaces and all the shops were open once again. We used that time to do more shopping and hanging out in Cafés. In the evening, we went out to eat and then to some clubs. As you can see, my sister is not one to sit around or stay inside. She had to leave on Saturday, which was too bad because we were really getting along well and it was weird to be alone again. It did give me the chance to land here, though, since with her I was still a little in France.

So the week-end was spent cleaning up, stocking the fridge and generally trying to find my routine again. But a new and improved one! New Years resolution number one: exercise three times a week, to get that Christmas chub off. I successfully started the program yesterday. Today I took care of paperwork and the likes, so that tomorrow I’m good to go – time to start learning for exams. I hope to find more time to post though, so that I can get them back up to present date. In the mean time – I hope you all had a nice holiday season!

P.S.: It’s snowing! Yay!


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