Arctic Lockdown

Ever since I saw, on the week-end, that it was going to be ridiculously cold towards the middle of the week, I planned to stock up on any food or other supplies I might need (I normally don’t have many reserves) on Monday and then not go outside for several days. A lockdown in my own little comfy apartment, that is usually very warm.

Then, two problems appeared: first, when I came back from France, a bunch of my neighbours stuff was sitting out in the hallway – with a sign that said “take what you want” – and I already had a doubt. This doubt was confirmed on the week-end when people came to clean out more stuff – I’m afraid the old lady next door died while I was away. She was well over ninety, so I was expecting it at any moment, but it’s still weird. And one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the cold. I always suspected that one of the reasons my apartment was so warm is because it was getting heat from next door – I just never realized how much. Now I actually have to turn on my radiator… and leave it on all day. I’m in shock, I tell you.

Second problem: the new years resolution of going to the gym three times a week. Inevitably, this means I would have to leave my room at least once during the middle days of the week. In this case, yesterday. I had amped up with thick socks, my docs, a shawl, a bonnet and a polar fleece sweater under my coat. All to no avail. I was so unprepared for the cold air that it literally slapped me in the face (the only part of me that was uncovered) as soon as I opened my door. It was so freaggin’ cold (-7°C, apparently) that the rest of water I had in my bottle in my backpack froze on the way from the tram stop to my house. Much like the snow that was on the ground which turned into ice, making a wonderful slip-and-slide out of the sidewalks. Ah, wintertime…

And then, since I’m dumb enough, I agreed to go to lunch with The BF today. Not that I don’t like having lunch with him, it’s just that (well, besides the fact that I’m currently in some money problems and that I wanted to eat healthier) it’s redonculous minus twelve degrees out there right now. The weather website informs me that it feels like minus seventeen. But hey, no clouds!


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