I just don’t know what to do with myself *dumdum*

I’ve been sitting at this darn screen for at least two hours, trying to find a decent theme to replace this one. And you know what? It doesn’t exist. I really like this theme, and I’ve only had it for a month, but it’s really starting to bug me that there’s no sidebar for the widgets and there’s only that annoying line of endless categories at the bottom. Because I need a calendar and a “recent comments” widget and a blogroll at least. I actually have about 8 widgets I’d like to use, at right now they’re all missing. So I’ve searched through several two columned themes, trying them all out, but they all don’t fit. There’s always something wrong with them. Most are either too packed or too empty. I like a clean look, but it shouldn’t be boring either – after all, I want people to stay and read.

My stats have dropped since December. Now this could have several causes: 1 – I haven’t been posting in the same way since Amsterdam, and maybe it’s not as captivating; 2 – my posts have been scarcer, which could either be because of all the events or because the lack of a calendar doesn’t remind me as bluntly of the gaps; 3 – the lack of an overview over the recent comments and the lack of interaction in the new theme have led to people drifting off; 4 – my trusty readers simply have more important things to do between December 15th and January 15th than to comment on my posts. I don’t know. It could be anything. Still, in my head I’m constantly going back and forth (since I can’t find anything better) between the old and the new theme. The old one was more fun and had more eye-catchers, the new one is more mature and sophisticated. Conundrum, since I like to write things that make me laugh as well as topics I’d like to be taken seriously.

So what’s your opinion? Where do I go from here?

Marc – do you happen to know how to edit CSS?

P.S.: I know it’s sounds like I’m totally stressing over this minor thing, but I’m in owl mode right now and haven’t done anything productive all day. Plus, I’m sick, so I vent.


5 thoughts on “I just don’t know what to do with myself *dumdum*

  1. Hey, cheer up! Just wanted to tell you that I’m still reading a least… 1. I don’t think that your style has become less captivating – it’s just quite hard to comment on your posts sometimes (nonetheless it’s always interesting to read them). 2. Have your posts really become scarcer? I think, you’re as productive as always. 3. Overview over recent comments would be really nice, that’s right. It’s quite helpful to use the RSS-Feed by the way…
    I’m opting for reason no. 4: People are somewhat distracted over the holidays. So, I like the new theme. Don’t let yourself become crazy over that!

  2. I really liked your old theme! In my opinion, this one is a little gloomy (if that’s the prober adjective), although the shade of green is great. And I do prefer the two columned themes for the reasons you listed.

    Over the holidays I haven’t read any blogs. But now that the exam is over and the internet has returned to my home I’m going to do that on a regular basis =) So don’t worry, it is just this time of the year!

  3. i always thought that you should bring back the old theme. this one is nice but to me the two-columned layout simply works best for blogs. the serious posts you write are good enough to be taken seriously even with a more playful theme.

    the reason i haven’t commented on your posts is because even though i love reading about what you’ve been doing i find it hard to voice an opinion about it. but i have been following every new post nonetheless. =)

    kisses from hamburg!

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