The devil is in the details

I am very happy my last post got so many responses. It seems my stats are back up, too, so I guess it was just the holidays… I do plan on adding some widgets, with a commentary count and so on. Since I can’t find a theme that has everything I’m looking for, I’ll wait until Marc (hi marc!) has the time to sit down with me and see what we can change on this one. Until then – on to more important things!

Today is my birthday! Yay- all hail me. Now contrary to many other women and men my age, I actually like celebrating my birthdays. But maybe that’s just because I’m turning 24. And four-and-twenty is by far not as bad as 25 (sorry for those of you with that birthday coming up). I think I’ll be much more sceptical about that one. Plus, it seems like this one is going really well. Best present of all: Obama made the elections and will officially become the president of the United States on January 20th. Another nice surprise: the icy-cold weather outside has gone up to a mild 0-4 degrees in the plus which led the way to: snow! Big fat snowflakes. Soo pretty… Other people get their happy juices flowing from sun, I get mine from the big white blanket.

This morning, I allowed myself to sleep in a little (nine o’clock – woohoo!) and then met with my friend Do (hi do!) to have a nice big breakfast at a local café. Sadly, they don’t serve blueberries with their pancakes anymore, but the rest was yummy. And I got a really cool green sports bag from American Apparel. More motivation to hold the new years resolution! My present to myself – since I’m low on cash these days – is a CD. Now people, how long have we been waiting for chinese democracy? Forever. And since we can’t have it in real life, I at least got the music to it. Ladies and gentlemen, the new album of Guns N’ Roses is finally here, and I’m listening to it right now. An epiphany of white trash rock, I tell you.

The rest of the program goes as follows: I shall bake a cake today. Yup, real rich and creamy american chocolate cake. Because my plan for this evening is to meet up with The BF, drink red wine and eat chocolate cake. He asked if we were to eat dinner together before the cake or if he should eat at home before coming and I’m all like: dinner? I told you there would be cake! What more does one need – besides the wine? See – I’m growing up already, aren’t I. But the big party is tomorrow. Invited my friends to come eat with me at a really good yet affordable restaurant, and rock out at the “Lautstark” party afterwards. Leitmotiv of my 24th: food and rock – what else would do?


One thought on “The devil is in the details

  1. Happy Birthday !!! Enjoy your cake and your presents because: It´s gonna be legen – wait for it – dary!!! 😀

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