Every day above ground is a good one

I am currently working on a thesis paper that is part of an in-depth topic I have to present in my upcoming exam. I chose a review-article about social bonds and post-traumatic stress disorder, which means I’ve been spending my last couple days thinking about child molestation, physical abuse, rape, accidents, natural disasters, combat exposure, holocaust and other bright episodes of human life. I do find it all interesting, it’s just horrible to know how many things can go wrong.

In my research on the history of PTSD, I inevitably came across war stories, because the first time anyone took the care of looking into such symptoms systematically was when the behavior known as “shell shock” or “thousand yard stare” started showing up in world war, Vietnam or now Iraq veterans. Among all this, I read a story about the “Marlboro Marine”. James Blake Miller (born July 10, 1984) is a U.S. Iraq War veteran, who was dubbed “the Marlboro Marine”, after an iconic, close-up photograph of his dirt-smeared, battle-weary face, with a cigarette planted in his mouth, was published on the front page of more than 150 American newspapers in 2004. While looking for the picture, I found this video in the Los Angeles Times (which they won’t let me embed…): http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1287023361/bctid1299161489

On a similar note: I was watching MTV Noise the other day, and their topic this time was “F*ck War”, so it seems to be a reoccurring theme around here. Among the videos there was the clip of Pinks “Dear Mr. President”, which I think is a great song – especially after having seen Oliver Stone’s “W.” – and this next one, which I had almost forgotten about:

That Serj Tankian is just nuts, dude. Compelling images. And yes, this will stick in your head the rest of the day.

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