You don’t have tattoos, you don’t exist.

movieJust to set things straight: I don’t have tattoos. But I exist enough to set forth the great tradition of procrastinating work to write this post. I would like to tell you about a movie I saw over the week-end: Eastern Promises. It’s from the same director who did A History of Violence (also brutally good, also with Viggo Mortensen) and eXistenZ – David Cronenberg.

Big names play in it – such as Viggo Mortensen, Armin Müller-Stahl, Vincent Cassel and Naomi Watts (yes, lots of different nationalities – not just typical Hollywood), and they all play very well. Ah, the russian accents… The story is about a midwife in London who delivers a baby from a girl that dies during childbirth. No-one knows who this girl is, and the only clue is a diary she finds in the girls purse. It’s written in russian and there’s a card in it with the address of a russian restaurant. She goes there hoping to find help – and finds problems instead. This is all linked to the very slavically cold, hard russian mafia – a role which Viggo is so good in, it’s scary sexy good. I’m guessing the guys should go to this movie because of the intrigues and the violence – there are some very graphic and brutal scenes. To convince the girls I have but one thing to say: Viggo Mortensen – completely naked. Nuf said.

Another cool thing – which has become a secret sign between me and my sister – is that you can learn how the russian mafia tells people they’re going to be dead soon. See for yourself at the end of this trailer:


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