umm… yay?

So I googled “Things I love Thursday”, to get some inspiration on how I want to go about this new category (just make a list, explain, put pictures, whatever) and came across this website,, where you can list your goals, record your progress and cheer other people on. Right at the top of the site was this big yellow book screaming at me, and the test looked pretty simple, so I tried it. There was just a list of things, and you had to check what you’ve already done. My results were these:

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and

found out I’m a Lifelong Learning

Traveling Self-Improver

Only 0.15% of the 97426 people who have taken this quiz are like me. It’s the friggin’ Internet, people, and not even 1% have enough in common with me. Hooray for being different.

P.S.: it’s not a real personality test, and don’t buy the book.

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