Tilt number two

I know it’s Friday, but The BF got sick yesterday so I spent the day playing nurse. I’ll make it up to you by posting every TILT-idea gathered this week, instead of reporting like last time. This might get long.

Spending a relaxed carnival

I was thinking about writing a post on carnival, this yearly tradition where the town goes bonkers… I frankly can’t stand it. It’s like being the only sober person at one huge drunken party. But that’s why I enjoyed the Saturday so much. The clowns weren’t out yet, so The BF and I had time to stroll the stands and booths, eat some Bratwurst and Churros and take a ride on the Ferris wheel, all without being mauled by a drunken mob. It was quite nice, getting to know this tradition a little better, without being forced into being happy and bellowing awful “songs”.

Low energy light bulbs

Also on that Saturday, The BF helped me spruce up some things at home like getting my broken bike to the shop, buying things at the hardware store, etc. (my kind of shopping!). Anyway, the light in my “living room” (/ bedroom / dining room / any room) was dead, so I needed new light bulbs. And since I think eco-friendly and old-school light bulbs will be banned soon anyway, I bought some energy saving bulbs. They come in all shapes and sizes now, don’t take longer to light up and last much longer. Plus, I really like the light they give, it’s like standing in sunshine. And my conscious is clear.

Rock music

I’ve taken the habit of not only listening to the radio in my bathroom, but also of leaving an online rock station running on my computer when I’m doing chores. First of all, it gets my mind of the fact that I hate doing dishes and the like, second it reminds me of how many good rock songs there are, and third I just love singing along. Bonus point: rock music can be turned up loud enough to get back at the neighbours…

Shel Silverstein

A week back I had a rhyme that wouldn’t go out of my head:

Listen to the Musn’ts, child, Listen to the Don’ts

Listen to the Shouldn’ts, The Impossibles, the Won’ts

Listen to the Never Haves, Then listen close to me –

Anything can happen, child, Anything can be.

When I was small I loved the books Where the Sidewalk ends and A Light in the Attic and I just rediscovered them recently. They’re great children’s poems, quite unconventional, and the drawings are very original.

Painted fingernails

I probably don’t have the same approach to this as most girls. I don’t pick out my nail polish by what color is “in” this season – mine are several years old. And I don’t put it on to look stylish or to compliment what I’m wearing – I just like to have color on my nails, it makes me happy.

White choc mocha coffee with a tasty poppy pastry

First of all, isn’t that a cool title? But the story behind it is even better: I was having a really crappy day, one of those where nothing goes right. Even my morning coffee was messed up: only after having drunken 2/3rds of it did I realize that it was because my milk had gone bad. The whole day was filled with frustrations, and after having run back and forth throughout the town for nothing did I think to myself: enough. Screw the rest, I need a treat right now. So I walked into the next coffee chain and ordered the above. Instantly, I felt much better.

Yummy yummy yummy shower gel

Speaking of delicious things, my best friend from France who now lives in Stuttgart drove up for my birthday in January and gave me a “rock girl” gift package from Lush. It’s a great brand that hand-makes 100% vegetarian cosmetics, without animal testing. Plus, everything looks and smells like candy! My new shower gel smells sooo good – and when I use it, so do I!

Rainbow cake

My new favorite desert – withholding Ben & Jerry’s, of course. I know I have to thank Marc for showing me the link to the recipe, it was a great find. It’s basically a typical cake recipe (I made it from scratch, not with a cake mix), except that you divide the batter into six even parts and then mix in the colors of the rainbow with food coloring. I made one cake (in a simple round form) going red / orange / yellow / green / blue / purple, and then another one going the other way. Put one onto the other with a layer of chocolate in the middle, covered it in chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. I wish I had made pictures! The only downside is that after licking off all the raw batter from the seven bowls and spoons, I didn’t have room for a baked slice!

Birds chirping and a new smell in the air

Even though it’s gray and rainy right now, we did have a little taste of spring earlier in the week. It wasn’t necessarily very warm or blue sky’s and sunshine, but in the evening, without expecting it, I heard the birds chirping. It’s such a warming sound. I hope they come back! Besides that, the wind has changed. When it was warmer, you could actually smell the spring. It’s much nicer than the cold, sharp, winter air.

An old grumpy man at the tram stop

Now usually, when I see a walking, talking breathing stereotype in the flesh it gets me frustrated. I can’t believe people going around living the total cliché and not realizing it or not being bothered by it. But a few days ago I saw this wrinkly, grumpy, frowning, gray old man with a walking stick sitting at a tram stop and muttering to himself, and I couldn’t help but smile at him.

A captivating book

I started to read the diary of Anne Frank on Monday, and by Tuesday I was already on page 140. The last few books I’ve read were good, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had one like this that totally engulfs you in the subject – like you’re actually in the book and nothing around you exists. I thought it would be really depressing, but in fact it’s entertaining and simply very honest. Plus, I was very pleased to see that although I’m reading this one very fast, there is still a lot ahead. For a diary of only two years, it’s a pretty large book.

The four-wheel-drive equivalent for my feet

I love wearing my doc martins when the weather isn’t agreeable. They’re stable and tough. I don’t have to look where I go – they can get dirty, they can carry me over glass, they don’t get wet. I can run in them (when I’m late for the tram again), they can do much damage if someone gets too near (for instance, with a good swift kick in the nuts), I land back flat on my feet when I jump (for instance, at a concert), and I don’t have to worry about someone stepping on my toes because I won’t feel a thing. They are practically indestructible – although I am at my third pair.

Being tired when it’s time to sleep

Usually I have to force myself to go to bed – just like my parents did when I was small – because my biological rhythm is way off. If I let it take it’s course, I wouldn’t get tired until about three a.m. and would sleep nine hours every night. Since this doesn’t agree with a normal working schedule, I have to go to bed anyway. On Tuesday, thanks to my new gym program, I was totally zonked out by the time it was the right hour to go to sleep. I was tired, I slept tight, and it felt good.

The wind

After the couple of days of spring-similar weather we had earlier in the week, it changed back to rain and wind. The other day, walking home from the tram stop, it was only lightly drizzling but the wind was strong. I just strolled along, my scarf and my hair all flailing about in the wind, and I let myself get carried. I find it’s such a feeling of freedom of just letting the wind swirl around you and not caring.

Depeche Mode – Wrong

They have a new album coming out soon, and I love their first single. The lyrics, the beats, the video – they’re all great. But you can see for yourselves (caution, contains some scenes that are cut in the censored version):

Getting work done faster than expected

I thought I would spend the whole day today running line after line in SPSS, but it all came different. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, I actually get what I’m doing and am interested in it because it’s my own data and my own results. What I thought would take days was done in a few hours. So I could put the rest off until Tuesday and start my week-end early. That way I could find time to write this post!


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