If I may make a few suggestions…

I would like to recommend some blogs. Not that mine wouldn’t be entertaining enough alone (smirk smirk), or along with the other fabulous, magnificent, extraordinary sites on my blogroll (you’re welcome, guys) – but I came across two addresses (I totally don’t remember how) that I’d like to share with you, my beloved, loyal, oh so precious readers (today is spread the love day! Don’t run amok and shoot people [side note], always look on the bright side of life! [side quote]).

The first one is Blog of Hilarity, of which the content is pretty much self-explanatory through the name given. I must admit, I’m not always rolling on the floor laughing when I read it, but it is good for a hearty hoot once and a while. It’s some nice, clean fluffy fun – in the lines of The Superficial and the likes. Only it’s about everything and anything. For instance, since Monday was the 50th anniversary of Barbie – and my mom’s birthday, too! Happy Birthday! – I’ll just quote what was written about the famous doll:

I like Barbie a lot and not because of her so-awesome-I-would-drive-it-and-look-like-a-total-’mo pink Volkswagen New Beetle, but rather because of the kickass job she does of objectifying women. Not only because of her hilariously absurd proportions but the way that she pretty much glamorizes how okay it is to be a woman completely lacking substance so long as you’re pretty and fashionable. I get so tired of women talking about “Oh blah blah I believe in this” and it’s just like toots, why don’t you just wear something fancy and quit your yammering. What better way to reinforce that than a party with women like Aubrey O’Day, the lesser Kardashians, the Hills girls, and Heidi Klum (who may be a genius but barely speaks English, so it works out really well).

The second one is StyleSpion, a german blogzine about interior decorating, design, music and sometimes fashion. This might come as a surprise to know that I have no taste or interest in fashion, mostly keep low on design and do not debate musical tastes. But I love good, creative, original interior arrangements. It’s a big point on my “what I’ll change when I’m filthy rich” list: buy real furniture, that’s not made by a swedish company in billions of exemplars. That suit me, fit the apartment and have character. And this is a great place to get some inspiration for that. My favorites of last are, for example:

  • An office made completely out of cardboard
  • An ottoman made of pallets
  • Kibonus (little trees growing out of a moss ball)

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