What it feels like for a girl

Hello everybody! I’d like to start off, before coming to the good stuff, by wishing everyone a happy St. Paddy’s Day! Get out your shamrocks, leprechaun hats and go drink some green beer – ’cause it’s that time of year, where everyone wishes he/she were Irish.

On to the main topic: this Friday, March 20th, will be the second annual “Equal Pay Day” in the town I live in. This is an event that has been known in the States since the mid-90’s, but sometimes they’re slow to catch on over here. This day is meant to raise awareness about the enormous difference between women’s and men’s salary. In Germany there is a 22% percent drop, which is huge and outraging compared to – well, first of all, to what should be – but also to other European nations, even when you through in the less developed ones.

Now you all know this is a debate I could go on for ever about – the different working conditions, the family factor, the type of job women mostly do, etc. – but this isn’t about changing the system in one day. It’s more about supporting people and causes that care about this matter, and especially about getting the news out there, making people think about it. So for one day, since we can’t change the salaries that quickly, the prices will be changed. For the men and people in general who think it’s not worth mentioning, you can experience what it’s like to have a 22% difference in money.

Here are the participating locations, I strongly encourage to try it out.

22% off on everything:

  • C-Five: C5 (Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen)
  • Cadiba: N 4, 15
  • Café Bistro Tomek: Max-Joseph-Straße 4
  • Café Bistro Vertiko: Q 7, 23
  • Café Bolands: O 4, 1
  • Café Nelson: Jungbuschstraße 30
  • Café Prag: E 4, 17
  • Café Alte Feuerwache: Brückenstraße 1
  • Enchilada: S 4, 17
  • Faircafé cafga: B 2, 11
  • FlicFlac: B 2, 12
  • Hafenstrand: Hafenstraße 49 (Musikpark)

Reduced entrance fee:

  • Das Zimmer: Q5 Passage, 14-22 (+ one free glass of sparkling wine!)
  • Kunsthalle Mannheim: Moltkestraße 9
  • Nationaltheater: Mozartstraße 9
  • Orange Club: Koblenzer Straße, 17-21 (+ one free glass of sparkling wine!)
  • Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen: B5/C4/C5/D5/D6
  • SOHO Club: J 7, 16

Reduced ticket fee:

  • Capitol: Waldhofstraße 2 („Honigmond” and „Harold & Maude”)
  • Cineplex: P 4, 13  („Hilde”, „Der Vorleser” and „Slumdog Milliionaire”)
  • Schatzkistl: Augustaanlage 4-8 („Alla gut!” and „Es muss was wunderbares sein”)


  • Dorint Kongresshotel: Friedrichsring 6 (22 % off in the restaurant „Rosengarten”)
  • Stadtmobil CarSharing: Viktoriastraße 12 (22 % off the admission fee)

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