Things I love Thursday – on a Thursday!

Yay guys, I finally made it to post on the right day! So here’s my latest list of things I’m happy about, although it’s not as long as the last ones because I’ve been busy with work and pooping out in the evenings, so not that much exciting / fun stuff has been going on… But I feel fine anyway.

 Eating breakfast meals at other times of the day

This was kind of an emergency solution one evening when I was hungry and didn’t have any more real food left in the house (it happens), so I decided to make myself a bowl of chocolate müsli for dinner. If you can even call that dinner… it was eaten at a weird hour in front of the computer, but whatever. It reminded me of when I was small and that having breakfast stuff at another time than in the morning was like a total treat. Just the novelty of mixing it up was kind of fun.

Spontaneously meeting for lunch

As is to be expected of me by people I know, food takes a big place in my emotional well-being. So just the fact of going somewhere for lunch instead of munching sliced bread with spreads and cold cuts in front of the TV is an event (wow, that sounds kind of sad…). But two Fridays ago, when it was Equal Pay Day in town, I had made it my duty to try out the bargain. When I got off work I called The BF and to my surprise he had time and agreed to meet me at a restaurant in town. The food and waitress were both very disappointing and horrible, so we probably won’t go there again, but it was nice to have a change of pace and be able to unwind right after work.

Enjoying the job

This might come as a surprise to those who have heard me complain about how exhausting my new job is, but I’m really excited about it. Even though I have to be there at eight thirty on a Monday morning, cope with insufferable doctors, come back two-three times a week (even though it was agreed upon that I only have to work mondays) and am completely drained out when I get home – it is just so darn interesting that I actually do all those things gladly. Even the paperwork is by far not as bad as I had imagined. The things I get to see there are so amazing and I’m learning so much, I can even imagine doing this for a living. Plus, I get to wear a lab coat and feel really special… (insert irony here).

Reading far-away friend’s blogs

My good friend Marco has deserted the continent and is in California (of all places!) for a few months. Then he’s going to tour around Mexico, the lucky bastard. But I’m really proud of him for taking this step (on his own). I must admit I kind of pressured him into starting a travel blog so that we – the ones left back in gray ol’ Europe – could know what he’s doing and live vicariously through him… No but seriously, it’s just really nice to read about what’s going on for him. And the same applies to Jo (Hi Jo!) who moved to Hamburg several months ago. Her blog (and status updates on Facebook…) are my primary source of information to know how she’s doing, and I’m really happy we live in the Internet age where such things are possible.


Just the name cracks me up. It’s like you’re desperately trying to sound german even though they’re called Dackel over here. Or even better: sausage dog. Works to describe the looks and the provenance. Plus, they’re just so cute! With their wobbly pudgy legs and ears flapping, either sleek like a wind tunnel or gray and rough like an ol’ grandpa who’s about to tell you his opinion. Last week there was a picture of one in Flickers “most interesting fotos” and another day I saw one crossing the street and I dunno, they just make me laugh.

Having a packed week-end

Last week’s week-end was cram-jammed full. Friday evening The BF and I went to our usual gym appointment, then that night a friend of mine and her guy had a party to celebrate both of their graduations at their apartment. I was prepared to be hammered, because that’s just what happens when they party. Even though they are seemingly square and it was just a get-together at their place, there was a great atmosphere thanks to their metal-head friends and the flowing booze. It was really fun, but we were totally wiped out the next morning. Only we had to be at The BF’s apartment at twelve, because his roommate owed him pancakes. So we shlepped ourselves over and had a hearty breakfast (in the afternoon), until it was time to get ready for the evening. Then we met up with more friends – first of all Lena (hi Lena!) because the others were an hour late – for the “long night of museums” taking place in our town, where we walked around alot and got to know interesting places like the mosque (yummy food!) and devil’s bridge. That went on until we couldn’t walk anymore and were totally tired, around one in the morning. The next day, we had again made plans to meet for brunch with several friends (about twice as many as the table could fit), and since it was a buffet and only costs like nine euros we stayed there for a while. It didn’t help with work on Monday, but it sure was nice to have plans.

One thought on “Things I love Thursday – on a Thursday!

  1. i love reading about what you’re up to here and on facebook too! it makes staying informed and in touch possible, even if there is no time to write personal emails. hurrah for web 2.0!

    as for going out for lunch: due to the job i do that all the time which is why a slice of bread with some brie i bought at the bakery seemed really exotic and delicious to me today.

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