Ah, the poor youth of today…

My family is coming to visit for Easter. Not that we celebrate much – although I would love to cook a big meal – it was more of hiding and seeking eggs in our yard back in Jersey. But now I have my little sister to think about and frankly I’m concerned. Her main motivation to come see me is that she had heard from my older sister that I own every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. She’s seven, and she watches that with my mom. Now I know she can’t understand everything that’s going on, but still it’s unsettling. Especially since my older sister implied that it was my fault the whole family is turning into series junkies. At such a young age! *sob*

When my little sister is left alone in front of the TV, she usually watches typical childrens cartoons. Only I’m not sure this is any better. I know it sounds clichéd, but I do believe the cartoons I watched as a kid were saner. Sure, there was a time when I wanted to be a purple flying pony when I grew up (true story), but other than that I think my view of the world was pretty realistic. Nowadays, though, they have shows for girls that are called “Bratz” – based on lollipop-figures and vanity – which is definitely not something I would want to encourage. But on top of that, the unrealistic image portrayed to young girls is getting more and more ridiculous. And what I think is dangerous is that it’s going in a sexualized direction. Ok, sex sells, I get it. But can we leave the kids out of it, please?

For those of you who think I’m exagerating, I have some examples:

Dora the Explorer:

before                            after



Strawberry Shortcake:

before                            after




And for chrissakes, they even made the Care Bears skinnier. Now it’s personal.


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