Stealing from my blog-o-neighbours

Oh crap, it’s been longer than hoped for again. Five days to be exact. I mean ok, maybe I get a break on the week-ends and on Mondays I’m at work all day (with no computer!), but maybe I should have squeezed in a post yesterday. In between the insane thesis writing (personal deadline in one week!), ritual fit-keeping and coffee drinking with a friend I haven’t talked to since my birthday (but we just went next door – don’t want to waste time!). So here you go, an original post idea I stole from Style Spion… 15 +1 questions, to myself (feel free to spread).

Please take a moment to introduce yourself

I’m bubkes and the author of this blog. Currently 24 years old, in a relationship, at the end of my psychology studies.

How large is your living space and how many people are you sharing it with?

My quaint little apartment is 32,7 square meters consisting of one large room, a walk-in kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony and a small hallway. Living with anyone more than myself in this space would be asking too much. Although I do feel often enough that my neighbours live with me.

Which cities/countries have you lived in?

Flemington, New Jersey; Jouy-en-Josas, France; Mannheim, Germany. For a while my mom did own an apartment in Fribourg, Switzerland, with her (then-)husband, so we were there a lot too.

Do your surroundings play a role inside a home? How does your city quarter influence your lifestyle?

The only role it plays inside my home is the noise that breaks through and the polluted air I get from my balcony. I don’t think it changes anything to my interior decorating, but I’m not much of a stylist anyway. I do believeit plays a big part of my everyday life that I live in the center of town, so I’m close to whatever’s going on and can get anywhere easily.

What jobs have you had?

Umm, none. Which is a big part of my shame agenda. But I do know what a work environment is, since I’vehad several internships. They certainly didn’t help pay the bill, though, since they were always without any salary. I live off of my orphan’s pension and savings.

Are you good at making things? Are you a handyman?

Obligatory reply: I’m a handywoman! I love building stuff, as long as it doesn’t haveto be artsy. Although I did enjoy arts and crafts very much as a child. My dad was an engineer, so he taught me how to build things, and I’m still all go as soon as there’s drilling or hammering involved. I get pretty creative in the kitchen as well. And I “make” posts…

What do you cook for your best friends? What’s on the plate when you’re short on time?

I’ve never made anything for friends, we usually cook together. And when that’s the case I try to pick something that fits the occasion and whatever the others are used to eating. Because I eat anything and like weird combinations that aren’t for everybody. When I don’t have time I grab whatever’s around, order take-out or go over the street to some fast food joint (hey, it’s in the name, isn’t it?).

Are surprise visits ok?

No. I like to be prepared and know in advance when I can count my time as private.

Do you ask guests to take off their shoes?

No, I want my guests to feel comfortable and leave that up to them. In any case, it’s all washable.

How would you describe your decorating style?

Kinda haphazard and a little personal. I keep planing my “real” (grown up, bigger, whatever) apartment in my head, though.

Aside from your bed, what’s your favorite spot at home?

Well there isn’t much in here except for my bed. It’s my island. I sleep on it, I eat from it, I slouch and watch TV from it. I do spend a lot of time at my desk (like now…), but it’s not really comfortable. And my bathroom lacks a bath.

Which spot do you prefer not to show, and why?

Well there isn’t really anywhere I can hide stuff here, I don’t even have a basement space. But I guess my undies drawer isn’t anyone else’s business.

What’s your favorite piece of furniture at home?

My dark wooden opium table, the first and only piece of furniture I put thought and money into. It’s sturdy and spacious and special.

Tell us about your latest unnecessary purchase.

I don’t do unnecessary purchases, my purse strings sit tight, because I can’t afford any luxury. Or it would be some little thing, like eating an ice cream with The BF or drinking coffee with a friend, but nothing purely material.

So, what’s definitely still missing within your walls?

More walls. But with the space and extra rooms that go with it, please.

What question have you always wanted to be asked? How would you answer it?

I dunno, surprise me. Then I’ll try to surprise you.


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