Things I love Thursday the 4th

I am actually sick of writing, even though I have done squat for my thesis today. Well, to be honest, I found some great discussion ideas with The BF, I just haven’t put them to work, so to speak. And this is where I’m hoping the TILT kicks in: instead of focusing on the negatives (like the fact that I was too out of it to separate my laundry and ended up ruining the most expensive piece of lingerie I have…) I will just let that go, remember only the good stuff and hope that this PosiPost will change my mood.

Noticing how much fitter I’ve gotten

Last Sunday The BF and I went on a bike tour to Ladenburg, a little old town about 13km (in one direction…) from here. We (I…) had made picnic food in advance, so that we could stop on one of the fields on the way and enjoy the nice weather. We had done this tour already in June last year, and I can remember how I was totally out of breath after about a third of the way (if even…) and totally soaked when we got there. This time, we had originally planed to just ride as far as we felt like it, make a stop and turn around. But we were there before we even noticed. I am in much better shape! Which is really great to notice, since nothing else has changed (i.e. weight…) in the year I’ve been going to the gym.

Sport bras

Speaking of the gym, I finally went out and bought me some sport bras. I hesitated for a long time since those things are damn ugly and the first ones I looked at were really expensive, too. But after a while my normal underwear really started to bother me (gasp! putting function before fashion, how dare I!) and I took the plunge. Sure, they’re not the sexiest thing around, but I’m only undressing in front of other women and I’m not gay, so who cares. When I get all sweaty and whatnot I’m not there to pick anybody up anyway. And they make a difference, a big one. No more pulling up straps or rearranging the cups, free shoulder movement, breathing materials, … I could go on. But I won’t.

Having found healthy, tasty snacks

Last week I made a rampage through the web to finally find some snack foods I didn’t have to feel guilty about but also actually wanted to eat. And I found some. Right that day I went out and bought the ingredients for hummus, a feta cream dip and cucumber raita. I love that kind of stuff, and sure it takes some time to make, but then I ate just that with pita or naan bread for days. And the left over fruits from our picnic, which for instance with grapes works just as well as popcorn when I watch my series, only minus the conscience and the calories.

Being reassured by a friend with a different perspective

I was so happy I had written the results part of my thesis in two days, that I didn’t continue on Thursday and Friday. Also because that meant starting with the discussion part, the part everyone has been telling me about how interesting it’s going to be. So not only did (important) others have high expectations, I wanted to be proud of my work as well, even though all motivation to do research or even write had been sucked out of me. Then on Tuesday, when the panic really started kicking in, I met with a friend of mine who lives somewhere else put had worked in the same project. She was here to hand in her thesis. And she explained to me in a very believable way that it didn’t really matter how my thesis turned out. She was also applying for the therapists formation, and not once did someone ask about her grade or even the topic. And she got the spot she wanted.

How series make me reflect on my life

This might sound weird to some and like I’m in denial to others, but watching series really isn’t just a superficial past-time. With practically every character and story line, I can find a parallel to my life. So even though I’m watching it alone, I’m always thinking about real people and real life. Not only that, but it helps me deal with things and reflect on things of the past, or get ideas for the future. It sometimes causes very straining dreams, though.

Dim sum and steamed dumplings

Wednesday was The BF’s birthday. To celebrate, we went to a new asian restaurant in town called The East. We had been wanting to try it out for some time, because it looked good and some friends had recommended it. It was really well decorated and huge, with different areas for eating, lounging, drinking, etc. And in the evening, just as for lunch, they have a big buffet. The food was excellent – a rare thing for buffets – and diverse. They even had a variety of sushi and a mongolian grill, all included in the very fair price. With the appetizers came the steamed dumplings, which were my favorite asian food back in the US. I had never found that kind over here, but that evening they tasted exactly the same as I remembered. But the best part was the dim sum. I had heard of these before, but had never tried them. They were little round pastries with a fried exterior covered in shredded coconut, and the interior was to die for. It was so soft, creamy and chewy at the same time. I have no idea what it was made of, but I loved it!

Note: I actually started to write this post on Thursday, but could only finish it today. Happy Easter everybody!

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