I am one year old!

Speaking from the point of view of my blog, I turn one year old today! I originally started the idea and the site on April 21rst, 2008, but the first post went online on April 22nd. That’s good for two reasons: 1 – it makes it a day further away from Hitler’s birthday (April 20th, would have turned 120 this year) and the shooting at Columbine high-school in Littleton (10 years ago last Monday), 2 – repeated digits make people happy and are more easily remembered. Plus, this makes it the same birthday as Lenin, Nabokov, Bettie Page and Jack Nicholson. On top of that, today is Earth Day!

In the last year, I have written an average of 15 and a half posts per month, which have been read by an average of 17 and a half people per day. I wrote more in 2008, but have had more readers in 2009. The length and topic fields have stayed pretty much the same, I think, but I have had three different themes (the actual one being Treba, with 9 widgets). I still very much enjoy having a blog, although the inspiration for post-topics has dialed down a bit and the time is clearly lacking. So lets see what my little Cloud Razors has achieved in the past 365 days:

A total of 5,890 visitors have left 163 comments on my 187 posts. Spam is my most active commenter, though, with a total of 504 annoyances.

I have 25 categories, the top 3 being “Interneted” (29), “Daily happenings” (28) and “Visual” (25). My fave five and PosiPosts should be the ones with the most growth in the future, since they only each have 4.

Top posts of all time are currently “A random list of American food I would totally kill for and dearly miss” (May 2nd, 2008), “Public vent of private affairs” (most recent) and “Symbolism” (April 26th, 2008) – probably because of the picture.

Which also explains my top 3 search engine terms: “sexy kids” (I’m not kidding, it happened 226 times – the world is a sick place), “list of american food” (68) and “not for kids” (55). I wonder what would happen if I took that post out.

There’s always room for improvement! I plan for example to start a new “psycho”-category, going more into my work, i.e. explaining the different disorders or just babbling about life as a soon to be shrink. But what do your requests and wishes look like, dear readers? Any unfulfilled wishes or helpful suggestions? What do you like, what don’t you like? Should I stay with this theme? Should I put in more pictures or write in a different style? Here’s to the the year to come – cheers!


One thought on “I am one year old!

  1. Stay with this theme!
    I like it.
    I should think of another theme for my own blog.
    And of course I should blog more often.

    Since not that many people read my blog it’s kind of useless to blog more but if I don’t blog more, no one is going to read it.
    Dilemma, eh?

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