Choses j’adore jeudi – n°5

Sorry, couldn’t help but slip into something french here with the “numéro cinq”. It is a classic after all. But on to more important things: here is this weeks list of things I love.

Girls night out

Usually, two girl friends and I gather on Thursday nights to watch Germany’s next top model and to talk, of course. But two weeks ago, since we decided the show wasn’t really worth it and because a sister was visiting, we wanted to do something else and did a tour of the bars in a certain neighbourhood instead. It’s a little out there and more known for the predominantly low-lives who live there, but if you know where to go it’s a really nice corner of town. The bars were really good and much more interesting than what you can find in the city center, plus there was a much more free-spirited atmosphere. We ended the evening with beer from a gas station, drinking along the industrial canal, talking heartily and having a good time. I enjoyed it and think we should have fun like that more often.

Trees and sky

When I look out my apartment window, there is a big tree that always gives me a good idea of what season we’re in. In the winter, I can see right through it. In the fall it’s full of colors, leaves flying everywhere, and in summer it’s all fluffy and green and takes up the whole view. But what I noticed, I think for the first time this spring, is the neon green, fresh color it gets when the leaves start to grow. That luminescent color against the bright blue sky is simply electrifying and I could look at it for minutes on end.

April showers

Speaking of seasons, there is a saying that goes: April showers bring May flowers. I was saying this to The BF as he was upset lately about the sudden change of weather. From a sultry 24°C and burning sun we went to spring downpour and a cool breeze. I must say I love this kind of weather. I can’t stand it when it’s too hot, I prefer 15-20°C much more. It’s just more practical, and the air smells so fresh and everything seems to be alive and I don’t mind the rain at all. Plus, I’m anticipating the colorful flowers.

My new bookcase

Profiting of the presence of my mom and her car, we went to the Swedish furniture store of choice and bought me a bookcase. I’ve always wanted to have a whole wall filled with rows and rows of books, and this is my first step towards it. Sure, it’s much smaller than a wall and looks kinda crammed in my one-room-space, but my books get less dirt now and are all neat in a row and much easier to browse through. And it gave me an opportunity to hammer and drill wood together, something I love doing. Can’t wait to expand.

Longer days

The extra hours of light in a day is something that simply and truly thrills me. I am much more of an evening than a morning person, and with more light comes more time and energy to do things later in the day. I no longer feel like someone has cheated me of half my day and I can just call people up at seven and say: hey, wanna do something? And there still would be time. I love looking out to the setting sun and only then realizing that it is past eight (soon nine…). It comes with a sense of freedom and, at the same time, security.

Riding my bike to work

I start work at the clinic on Mondays at half past eight in the morning. Which is like super early for me, ergo not easy. At all. And yet, with the nice weather we’re having, I manage to get on my bicycle and tread the way to work instead of taking the cozy tram. But it’s worth it – because at that time, the world is still. And I love the peace. On my way there I pass a bridge and then ride along a pathway following the river. It’s such a nice scenery, I couldn’t imagine a better way to start a work day (or the week). Plus, I keep in shape.


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