Bow your heads, as the corporation will now lead us in prayer

Last week-end, The BF convinced me to watch a movie with him. He really wanted to see it, and although I had a hunch this wouldn’t be good for me, I wanted to spend time with him. I should have thought twice, because halfway through the film – and I’m not exaggerating here – I wanted to shoot myself. And yet, here I am, posting about this very movie – and on top of that, I will urge you to watch it.

It’s called The Corporation (2003) and is a documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation (business, company, whatever) throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance. I found it very interesting and immensely educational to know the legal developments of a corporation. It started out when it became a legal person and therefore acquired the right to own land, to get sued, and so on – yet without having any moral or ethical obligations. The movie then takes us through different stages of the corporation misusing that land, endangering our environment, being legally bound to place profit over everything else, thus creating impossible working conditions in poor countries, manipulating even small children into consuming goods, etc., etc.

It is not just a hate tirade. There are founded contributions of great names like Noam Chomsky, Samuel Epstein, Milton Friedman and Michael Moore. Both sides are depicted: people who want to move against corporations, people who run corporations and people who profit from the whole system. In between the interview takes are footage pieces of the different subjects that are being talked about, so even though it runs for two and a half hours, it never gets boring. On the contrary, it’s more of an edge-of-your-seat movie. All in all, I’m very glad I watched it. And don’t worry too much – although it gets very scary, there is a happy ending, in the sense that there is still hope to change things.

2 thoughts on “Bow your heads, as the corporation will now lead us in prayer

  1. This is really an instructive film. Has been a while that I watched it. Anyway, if you want more of this I-think-I’m-gonna-shoot-myself-feeling, “We feed the world” (very good) or “Let’s make money” (mmh, quite dubious at some points, but still interesting) are good choices. My newest discovery is “Monsanto, Poison and Genes”. Ah, beautiful world…

  2. Hmm.. those first two are also movies The BF absolutely wanted to see, and I backed off of them because of the “shoot me” feeling… Maybe I should listen to him more often… Although – knowledge is power, but a pretty heavy load to carry, too.
    As for Monsanto, I have to admit that I had never heard of them before the film. Now I’ll definitely watch out for them. Thanks for the tips!

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