OMG the chickens… THE CHICKENS!!

Thanks to the nudge from Tim (hi Tim!) I decided to take the plunge and rent out We Feed the Worldwith The BF yesterday. It’s an Austrian documentary about the food industry and food production in general.

How we produce enough food to feed over 12 billion people, and yet over 800 million people suffer from starvation every year – whatever is overproduced and can’t sell (like two days old bread) just gets dumped. How industrially fished fish has nothing to do with fresh fish. How vegetables that are being grown by the genetically modified “suicide” seeds of Monsanto look like gold but taste like crap. How water is being considered a good that should be privatized – to make money off of – while rainforests are eroded to make room for soy, the cattle feed. And how living beings are being treated like any other massed-produced product – which beings me back to the title of this post: holy fuck the chickens. Those chicken scenes were the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life. But maybe you’d like to see for your self:

I know people make fun of me when I tell them that organic food tastes better, or that I buy my eggs from “happy chickens”, or that the animals on organic farms are treated a million times better – it makes a difference, people. Seriously. And if it’s too much trouble to change those habits, at least vote for the right people, so that they can make a difference.


One thought on “OMG the chickens… THE CHICKENS!!

  1. Glad I could inspire you. I think there’s also a bit in the film that explains that the mass production of cars (Model T) was inspired by the procedures in a Chicago slaughterhouse, not vice versa. Scary.

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