Back to some fluff, please

Ah, I just discovered a video that I simply must share with you, dear readers, especially as a lightening counterpart to my previous hard-to-digest posts. But I apologize in advance if anyone (or everyone) doesn’t understand what I’m talking about because – my god – the tangents, they are making my head explode.

  • First off: I found this via Dan Savage’s Blog (or Slog) on The Stranger, and at the same time I’d like to recommend his column, Savage Love.
  • It’s about the very hyped Jonas Brothers, an American pop boy band from New Jersey (of all places!), who got their popularity from Disney and are known to wear purity rings. On the same note, I recommend South Park’s episode about them and Mickey’s dictatorship over them – or how their promise to chastity allows Disney to sell sex to young girls all while keeping a wholesome image… but I digress.
  • It’s based on Beyoncé’s video to her single “Single Ladies” – a proof in motion that women can also be chauvinists.
  • To sum up: I found a video of a supposedly virgin, christian young pop boy dressed in a unitard (!) over a blog from a gay relationship advice columnist. Entitled: “With a Unitard You Need to Wear a Purity Cock Ring, Joe”. And if that weren’t enough, it’s always amusing to watch men in high heels. You dudes have no idea.
  • P.S.: you don’t have to watch the whole thing, but the tune is catchy. And I know there’s advertisement for their new album, but I do not endorse it.

I will shut up now and simply let you enjoy the nonsense:



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