I wanted to talk to you about this amazing film I saw last week-end, which fits in to the series of movies I have been talking about lately. And then I realized: it’s only available (for free) on YouTube until tomorrow! So hurry and watch after you’re done reading here!

The movie is actually more of a project and is called “Home“. It’s a documentary about our earth, filmed from a bird’s perspective. The images are breathtaking (especially in HD ;)) and the narration is compelling (with facts, and numbers!). Although I did get bored in the beginning, because the woman’s voice sounds like the narration in The Land Before Time (anybody remember that movie? it was like the saddest thing I owned as a kid!) and I thought if this goes on like this for an hour and a half, I’m gonna fall asleep. But then it gets good. And then it gets sad, and scary, like any other movie depicting the state of our planet and what we’re doing to it. Luckily, it also ends with an uplifting message: it’s not to late to realize it’s minutes to midnight and something has to be done, change needs to come.

It’s a movie from Switzerland and the infos are available on site in french, german, english and spanish. Please go check out: HOME


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