Things I love … um … Sunday

It’s been a while, but I’m finally continuing my TILTs. Even though it’s not Thursday and the things on this list are a collection of some time and not just last week. But still – the sun is shining, I feel worn out (in a good way) and calm and in a good mood – so why not spread some happiness?

Getting a nice, clean haircut

I had a job interview last Tuesday, for which I wanted to look nice, of course. Since it had been several months (roughly eight) that I hadn’t been to a hairdresser, my hair was getting pretty scraggly (is there a word for a white, blond person’s hair looking like an afro? you know, like the jewfros?) and that just wouldn’t do. I hesitated where to go, because I don’t enjoy getting my hair done, but then I went to my “usual” (if you can call it that when you go just twice a year or so). I like the atmosphere there. They sell decoration, too, so it’s all made of wood and nice accessories. It’s own by an Italian and the woman who did my hair did not force me to make small talk (thank god). She did exactly what I wanted, even though I hardly explained it to her! She also did my eyebrows and even complimented me on my hair structure.  And she didn’t overcharge for any products she put in! In the end I was very pleased because it all looked so neat and clean and nice, just like I wanted, without any hooplas hairdressers usually like to do with my hair. And it wasn’t even expensive!

Wearing perfume

Hmm, this is starting to look like a very girly TILT… Anyway, while I was going through my bathroom cabinets the other day (to clean up), I came across some perfume samples I had collected (unwantingly) over time. You know those little things you get when you buy some cosmetics. I thought I would never use them, but still I didn’t want to just throw them away. So this time I took them out and lined them up and decided to try them out over the next days, even though there were some I knew I wouldn’t like. And lo and behold – I liked them. I usually just have one perfume I use until it’s empty, but I enjoyed picking different ones out according to how I felt that day or what “style” I was going for. I enjoyed getting a whiff here and there throughout the day, and there are two of them I might just buy in full.

New clothes

Ok, people who know me – don’t freak out. I know this all doesn’t sound like me, but don’t worry. I still hate to shop. It was excruciating. Again, because of the job interview, I had to set out for something new, because I wanted to look nice. And my closet is basically made up of jeans and t-shirts. So I went to look for something a little more dressed up, although I knew a typical suit would not match for this area either. I had a hard time finding anything that could work, and the one pair of pants I absolutely wanted  – they didn’t have in my size (i.e., someone with a butt). I did find a pair of nice tops, though. One in a sober color I could wear to the interview and one a little more flashy, for going out. I also bought two sweaters, since I had cleaned out my closet and would need some for the winter. So even though I cringe at the idea of shopping, I do enjoy having new clothes to wear very much. Especially once I find some that fit and I still think look good after some time.

Trying out new things

The BF and I had brainstormed about a hobby we could possibly share, that we would both enjoy, and that could give us something to do on week-ends. I had tried, finally, my first motorcycle tour with him and it was great. Sure, my muscles hurt from the unusual position and it would take some getting used to, but now every time I see a bike I want to get on it. Friday before last we wanted to try out wall climbing. I don’t remember how we got the idea, but I was always climbing on things as a kid (my mom called me a monkey), so I thought it could be fun. I’m still not sure if it was. The girl who explained things to us was really nice and we were the only ones there so we had all the walls to our self. We started slow, to see what it was like, and then went up on difficulty once we got a hang of it (no pun intended). Of course, The BF got a lot further than me because, well, he’s stronger, fitter and taller. And pushes himself more. I was fine with my level 4. When I tried to go to 5, I couldn’t reach the ankers, fell off a couple of times and my muscles started to shake. But what hurt the most were my burning hands. For the next two days, everything felt like I had been ran down by a bulldozer. It turned out that I had strained a muscle in my thigh, too. So I’m not sure if I’ll do it again, but I’m glad I at least tried it out and that I’m pushing my boundaries.

Crazy spring weather

These past few days, when I was locked inside my appartment learning for my very last exam (!), the weather was always there to entertain me in my breaks. From one second to the next it could change from blue skys to thunderstorms. Pouring rain and wind to fluffy white clouds. Of course, this sort of thing is only fun when you’re inside. But in that case, I find there’s nothing more thrilling than to watch some heavy dark clouds and guess when they’ll break. And I really love loud, heavy, hot weather thunderstorms with big crashes and blinding lightning. When it doesn’t go like that all day, but rather changes to a randiant sunlit sky the next instant, it’s all the better. Plus, I love the way the air smells when the weather is like this. Yay end of spring!

Savage Love

Last but not least, a new pass-time I have found. Rather by chance. This time: not a blog, but a relationship/sex advice column, by a gay and politically active man named Dan Savage. At first, I was obsessed with it. I have since calmed down a bit, but am still very much amused. Sure, it probably has to do with my sensationalism and the professionally damaged tendency to pick apart human behavior, but OH MY GOD is this stuff entertaining. And enlightening, really. Because man, I thought I was open-minded and tolerant and stuff. But what this man had to answer to – there is some crazy shit out there. Some really way out there wacky stuff. And I just love how direct he is with these people who seek his opinion (even though he has no professional qualification or anything) and how sound his advice is. I think everyone could learn something from reading this, and it sure makes me look differently on my position as a (possible couples-) therapist-to-be.


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