Hello everyone – I need your help. You see, Monday was my last day of internship at the hospital I worked at. And although that meant I had to be there by the ungodly hour of 8h30 in the morning, it did give me something meaningful to do. And I learned a lot, and it was such an enriching experience, bla bla bla. Now it’s gone. All I have left in front of me is three weeks of learning for the educational psychology exam. I’ve already flunked it once, which shows how much the subject thrills me. Sure, it’s my last ever exam before I get my diploma, so not that much can go wrong, so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. After all, if I fail again I’ll get exmatriculated just as well (aaahhh!).

I have not come here to bitch around, nay, but to forgo an exploration of solutions. Since my schedule is wide open and consequently time has no more palpable meaning to me, I am going batshit insane with boredom. Three whole weeks with nothing to fill them but learning… and gym, three times a week (yes, I have upgraded). So here’s my question to you: how do you hard working, time schedule having people out there maintain a healthy work-life-balance? I spend my learning breaks by seeing what’s new on the interwebs, but that can only entertain for so long. TV and series and such equally make my brain mush, and I can’t read for all the reading I’ve done over the day, thus making my eyes cross. Going out into nature is always nice, but then I get this creeping feeling of having to actually do something instead of just sitting around. And actually going out and doing something always costs money, plus it would be nice to find company who also has time to tag along.

Don’t get me wrong – all these ideas look fine to me. I know everything has pros and cons. I just thought I’d write a shout-out and ask you guys: any hot advice on how to fill time, get my mind on something else, get a load of the shoulders? What do you do to unwind?


3 thoughts on “Boooorrrriiiing

  1. You could sing nice hippie tunes on a hippie guitar. Or paint or draw… Cooking can be also very relaxing sometimes.

  2. Well… first: today it´s teatime =) so you will get your time-out. I am really looking forward to tea and scones and clotted cream!
    second: During learning period I used to get out and go jogging with musik which has always cleared my mind – staying inside never worked out for me. Doing something physical really DOES help =) !!

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