Just saw a trailer for a new movie coming in October (in the states) via a french blog – and goddammit, I am pissed. Probably more than I should be, I know. Look:


Yes, it looks like a good creepy story. Yes, there are good actors in it. Yes, the visual effects are surely impressive. BUT: I am sick and tired of psychiatric hospitals and mental illness being portrayed as such whack jobs. Sure, it plays in the past. But how many people will think that we still keep people behind bars, all wear white, etc. That these patients are just waiting for their chance to break out and attack you. Even the “criminally insane” are humans. They don’t just go haywire or buck wild. Goddammit.

Speaking of buck wild: The BF and I went to see Ice Age 3 yesterday, and I love the new character, Buck. The movie was funny as always and they managed to not repeat themselves or make it boring. All new ideas and – what I hadn’t expected – many many tangents to other movies! My head was exploding with references! The only annoying thing were all the women in the audience going “awwww” and “sooo cute!” all the time. I personally saw the kitsch overload as irony, but whatever.

Other movies I’m waiting to see include: Brüno, Inglorious Basterds and possibly Food, Inc.

I plan a big post series on the inner workings of a psych job, where I can detail all this. But because I’ll have to sit down and work those out, I won’t be able to write them until after my exam (and the following vacation). But I do have a lot to say on this subject!


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