When in Crete, do as the Mycenean do

Or the Byzantine. Or the Venetian. Or the Ottoman, or the Russian, or the German… it depends on the century. I’m guessing we’ll stick to the Greeks. My point is: I’m off on vacation! As of 4 a.m. (horrible, terrible, excruciating hour) this night, The BF and I are on our way to a little place near Rethymnon, Crete. After having nothing but my final exam in my head these last few weeks, I’m really excited to see what’s coming. I’m usually very much the organizing, wanting-to-be-fully-informed type, so leaving everything (everything!) up to him is just as big an adventure as the trip itself.

We’ve booked two weeks in a half-pension hotel just 200m from the beach. So there’s nothing but hard-earned leisure ahead of us… I can’t wait to have 15 days time without any internet, TV, cell phone or anything remotely digital – other than my camera, of course, which won’t be leaving my side. Ah, the relaxing good ol’ analogue way of life. I’m taking a nice fat book with me: Homers Iliad (500 pages should be enough, right?) and Odyssey (matches the scenery!), and maybe a back of cards or something. Although I plan to spend most of my time on the sand, in the sun or in the sea, I don’t expect to come back much tanner. Because my skin hates the sun and refuses to react to it in any other way than developing cancer. So SPF 50 and straw hat it is. But I’ve heard there’s also some marvelous cultural things to do, like visit ancient ruins, and very nice landscapes to go hiking or mountain biking through. Plus, the hotel supposedly has tennis courts and I’d like to initiate The BF to this sport.

Last time I was in Greece, on the isle of Kos with my family, none of the pages-long letters or carefully picked postcards ever arrived at the friends they were intended for. So I’m sorry to say that I’m distrusting the Greek postal services from the get-go this time and won’t be taking any addresses with me. But hey, you can see this post as a greeting in advance – the weather is great, the hotel is nice, we’re having a wonderful time (yadda yadda yadda). I’ll tell more when I get back – see you in two weeks!

P.S: this also means I’ll be abroad for Jo’s birthday, with no means of contact to the outside world. Therefore, and although it supposedly brings bad luck (I’ll just leave the superstitions out) I would like to wish you, dear Jo, a very happy birthday in advance. May you have a splendid party, many gifts, and all the joy in the world! xoxox


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