I’m back! … kinda.

Hello everyone! I just got back from my vacation in/on Crete, yesterday at 1 in the morning. Today I have over 70 e-mails and over 300 netvibes posts to go through, without counting what I left lying around to take care of when I get back, the (very long and tedious) to-do-list for the next days/weeks, my regular mail, the fact that I have nothing to eat in the house, that my apartment needs dusting and other cleaning, that I haven’t even unpacked my suitcase yet, that all that stuff will need to go in the laundry. But I did manage to get up this morning (at 9!) and shower. Yay for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to note that I’m back in the country and with internet access, but it’ll be a while before I get around to posting pictures or writing out posts about the last 14 days of adventure. But the intention is there – I even made notes along the way! See you then.


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