Quick hit on a new film

Hello! I interrupt the endless search of the right clinic to do my 1 1/2 years of psychiatric duty that stands before me, to bring you the news of a new movie I’ve heard of today. It was supposed to be a documentary about one model’s career, but turned out to be a documentary uncovering the less glamorous parts of the modelling industry.

Many girls, especially young ones and especially now with certain shows emphasizing this aspect, think that to be a model means to be pretty, wear nice clothes and earn good money. This movie also brings to mind that there are photographers that sleep with the models and regularly over-cross boundaries, that designers make clothes that fall straight – i.e. only fit pre-pubescent girls – and that even though nobody likes to admit it, the standard is anorexic. Plus, the money isn’t that great, you get replaced in an instant and the work hours are ridiculous. Still, it’s a sneak peek behind the scenes for anyone interested in fashion. I give you: Picture Me.


2 thoughts on “Quick hit on a new film

  1. I read about the same phenomenon in the “Zeit”, so it’s apparantly a trend in Germany, too. Although there they described it more as a problem of our achievement-oriented society and the fact that women now have more fields in which they feel they have to be successful (it’s not “just” the home anymore, but also workplace, appearance, etc.) than of rising narssicism. That’s probably more typically american…

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