Day 2 – getting to know you

On our first full day on Crete we get up early (ca. 7h30) after a night of deeeeeep sleep and go to the breakfast buffet, which is even better than dinner – they have french toast and fresh honey! And müsli and yogurt and fruit! Then we ask the guy at the reception where our meeting point is, since we got a flyer on the bus saying our travel agency had a meeting that morning somewhere in the same street. Turns out, the agency lady was coming to our hotel. All to our convenience! I find the tone of the reception guy rather slimy, The BF explains that’s how things work in more south-eastern countries. Once Virginia, our contact person, turns up, we gather with other guests over a welcome “drink” (some chemical liquid thingy that’s supposed to be juice) and listen to her presentation of the island and the different sight-seeing possibilities. She has a funny voice and is very enthusiastic about the tours we can book with her. There’s even a special this week! We take the little booklet with us back to the room and decide to go to the beach first. Which means we first have to lather up in SPF 50.

At the beach, we find a shady place under some trees, in the more “sandy” area, and decide to stay there until the sun creeps around, which takes about an hour. Then we lye in the sun until it gets too hot and take turns going in the water (we’re not comfortable leaving our stuff alone). The BF goes first, saying the sand is hot, so I might want to run to the water or take my flip-flops with, and going in there are bigger rocks. I figure, eh, can’t be that bad – and where do I leave my shoes then? So I go, walking calmly, over the sand, till it gets very hot. Then I decide to pick up the pace, only by then I’m at the less “sandy” part, where the pebbles are even hotter and hard to run on. By the time I reach the water my feet are burnt. And then came the rocks. Bare burnt feet on pointy, slippery, hard rocks is no fun, especially considering the water-current. Going out is the same thing all over again. My feet hurt the whole day. Maybe I should have listened. Maybe.

We spent just two hours in the sun and our skin is already red. Time to move. After the beach we want to check out a bike rental place Virginia recommended, for which we have to walk up our street and over to the next “town”. There is just too much sun and not enough water. I feel like I’m melting all over the pavement and then evaporating. The BF is very warm, too, so he decides to walk around with no shirt on. No big deal, Greeks and tourists do this all over the place. Considering our feet and our skin we go into a little super market to check out swim shoes and beach umbrellas. Plus, a sandwich wouldn’t hurt. The old lady who works there is seemingly not at all pleased to see us. Mean old lady says she doesn’t speak English but we should ask what we want anyway. While The BF points to the sandwiches and uses his fingers, to top it all off, I get a nose bleed. Just like that. And I’m lucky I coincidentally held my arm in the right place, or I would have bled all over mean old lady’s floor. We grab a pack of tissues and get the hell out.

At the bike rental place, another slimy guy (I know, it’s just how they talk…) explains that actually they’re closed from 13h to 18h, but what do we want? The BF takes a look around, chats, takes a pamphlet with the prices. I am basically dissolving in plain daylight, I can’t wait to get back to our hotel and the A/C. On our way back we stop at the closer super market to get more water and some fruit. A six-pack of 1,5l bottles costs only 1€18! Although the cashiers don’t seem to count change of 5 cents or less… Back in our room we shower, change, chill and read ’til supper. I progress in Homer. After dinner we decide to play a little round of Uno on the balcony and watch the birds fly by. Just like the evening before, dozens of swallows swirl around the hotel complex, coming really near. Like, swooping my hair up near. Sadly, it did not come out on tape.

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