Day 3 – sort of settling in

We get up as usual (8h30, not exactly vacation timing, but there’s a breakfast buffet to get to), get ready, get breakfast (yummy sunny-side-up eggs with bacon today!). Then the daily ritual of covering up in SPF 50, since we didn’t buy an umbrella after all, and we’re going to the beach again. I try on my new big flowy black skirt I bought just before leaving. We arrive at the Cat Café beach and look around for shade. The spot we had yesterday and the other spot over a little sand hill (no, not a dune) are all covered in garbage and ants. So we decide to try it out in the sun, near the water (no running across hot sand this time). I lay in the sand and read Homer (doing 100 pages a day!), keeping my head and face in the shade of my straw hat. Not after long, this all gets too hot (even though there is a nice wind by the shore), time for some sea. I damage my feet on the rocks. Again.

After the swimming we stay out just long enough to dry and then call it quits so as not to get a sunburn. Since it’s around lunch time, we want to check out the prices at the Cat Café. We had ice cream and coffee there yesterday, but the meals are too expensive. We decide to try the authentic looking fish tavern near the hotel instead. But first, I use the “restrooms” at the Café. And I kid you not – this was the dirtiest toilet I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. The moral of the troops is not at it’s highest right now. We drudge through the heat to get to the tavern and order a club sandwich and a hot dog with yummy home made fries and a nice cooling ice tea. So much for the fresh fish (tourists!). We continue to broaden our Greek skills.

We are too worn out by the heat to do anything else (sounds kinda pathetic, doesn’t it?). To counter the sugar of our fruit snacks, we buy salty crackers and sesame sticks in our local market. At this point, we’re going through at least a six-pack of water per day. The rest of the afternoon is spent in the air-conditioned hotel room, reading. Our dinner is as usual at 19h (more a usual for The BF, since I usually eat later), and I observe some interesting fellow guests: eating disorder mom with pudgy daughter, Ken & Barbie couple, 80’s hairdo lady, german Flodders, french prisses, emos and yuppys in vacation mode, … after some time The BF is kind of sick of hearing me, so I need to shut up about the other people.

After dinner we chill on the balcony. Now that we’ve both read the travelers guide and the tours optioned by Virginia and her agency “Cretan Holidays”, we make a plan of when we want to do what. The “special” is not included, but I think we have a good mix.


One thought on “Day 3 – sort of settling in

  1. hey honeybuns, i love reading about your vacation. it kinda takes me back to mine a little. buy a parasol next time, it makes life at the beach so much more comfortable and safe.

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