Day 4 – what to do?

Getting up for breakfast, it is already unbearably hot and bright. Tired and burnt from the days before, we decide to stay in first and go to the beach in the late afternoon, to avoid the midday rays. Alternatively snacking, reading and writing (no TV to watch, internet to surf or radio to listen to – and I didn’t even turn on my mp3!) we held out until about 15h, when we thought it might be time to actually do something of our day. Enjoying the AC and a fresh shower that didn’t have to be spoiled by sweat or sunscreen right after, I considered my options: get greasy after all and go to the stony (not very clean) beach, spend money in a tavern without appetite, or stroll around in the sweltering sun. Hmm. None appealed.

At this point, we both needed to acknowledge that we were more or less disappointed in our trip, as it was in sum much less than Porta de Polleca (where we last spent our vacation). Up until then, I was adopting the “grin through it and maybe it’ll get better” approach, where as The BF had assessed the situation from day 1 and was already proposing solutions. Since I was just then processing the whole thing, it seemed like meaningless complaining to him. I still needed some time to get to the active part. However, we both needed cash to book the tours we had picked out anyway, so we agreed to look for the next possible ATM. The reception pointed us in a direction we didn’t know yet. Walking down the street in this new direction, at some point we realized that the tourist shops had diminished and all the signs were solely written in greek. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Happy to see the lack of english transcriptions and therefore the increase in authenticity, we went on to explore. At the end of our tourist town of Platanias, a lonely road running next to a cute little white chapel led us to another beach. Lo and behold – a revelation. Apparently, all you have to do is complain one good time and all the problems resolve! Now we were in between real greek houses, with goats and vegetation! There was a dried up river lined with some sort of bamboo, and then: the beach! With sand! Clean sand, and real waves! Plus the tavern looked clean and they had neatly lined parasols and lounge chairs. It was much quieter, too. We took off our shoes and walked along the shore, amazed at what we had found and determined to return the next day with our swim stuff and a camera.


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