Day 6 – full day at the beach

We had realized the evening before that we had missed Virginia’s visiting hours to book the tours we wanted. Luckily, the office of Cretan Holidays was on the way to the beach. She wasn’t there, but her colleague put us through on the phone. The BF managed to explain what we wanted through the bad connection and broken english. She would leave the tickets at the reception and we were to pay her colleague – in cash. So off to the ATM we went, hoping this would all work out. Once that was taken care of, we went to the nice beach, this time taking pictures along the way.

We were already lying there an hour before someone came to collect the money. The “waves” weren’t as high today, but it was relaxing all the same. We entertained ourselves by constantly moving the chairs out of the turning sun, watching an italian (obese) family scream because they were scared of the water and an english family with two umbrellas, a tent and who went into the water fully covered from head to toe (hat, t-shirt, everything). We then had lunch and an ice cream at the River tavern, a little pricey but nice. Did I mention that their bathroom was very clean? And they had a good shower to rinse off as well.

Even though we stayed in the shade and had sunscreen on, we both managed to turn our skin red. Guess we haven’t quite adjusted yet. The funniest part is: my legs are the whitest piece of skin on me, even though they had the most sun exposure. Back at the hotel we asked if we could arrange an earlier breakfast and a later dinner for the next day, since we had booked a tour that was outside of the usual buffet schedule. Both were possible, but in the end unnecessary, since we hurried in the morning at got back in time after all. That night we went to sleep early because of the timely start the next morning. I’m having trouble sleeping though. I don’t sleep deep enough and wake up often. We tried switching pillows and turning the thermostat down (The BF said I’m turning the room into an igloo), but so far no change.


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