Day 8 – lazy day

Hello! I’m back to continue my tale. Were you worried? Apparently not, since my hits dropped over the week-end as well. I just plain forgot to write on Saturday and then yesterday I was too hung-over (whoopsy!). I think a week-end break is acceptable. Although I do apologize to those who are as anal as me and regret that the day-number no longer matches the post-date. But I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. On with the show!

Even though I was totally pooped from the tour, I still didn’t sleep well. Woke up at the usual hour and immediately felt: incredible pain. Every muscle in my body – from the weird blister on the edge of my big toe to the split-ends of my dried out hair – was sore and ached. Even those I could never train in the gym. I felt everything. Even the slightest movement was torture, my muscles had never hurt this much. In this state, any action whatsoever was out of the question. Since we both barely made it to breakfast and back, we mutually agreed to spend the day in bed. I alternated reading a chapter in the Homer (still going strong!) and writing out one day of the vacation. We drank a lot of water and moved as little as possible.

Took a break in the early afternoon to go buy more water, a bottle of Cretan red wine and a bottle opener. Everything still hurts as all hell. The 15 minutes this errand takes us, we are drenched in sweat and beat from the heavy heat. Staying inside was the right idea. Did I mention that the hike yesterday was 18km long and took us 7h? I am not exaggerating how hard it was. We rationalized later that my body hurt more (for The BF it was “just” the legs, mostly his calves) because my shoes were so unadapted to the task. Since they weren’t as sturdy as his, I needed to balance out more with the rest of my muscles. And the soles were thinner, which meant more slipping and more feeling of pointy sharp rocks. But I diverge.

At dinner, again, we dragged ourselves there and back. This evening my appetite is back, though, and everything tastes absolutely delicious. I had a four course meal: soup, salads, mains and deserts. I feel stuffed. We did have one thing planned for today, so we pack our bags and head for the beach at sunset, taking a new route through some back roads. Yesterday we could see the sun set from the bus, a perfectly round blazing circle in the fiery sky. But today the sky is too hazy to clearly make out the sun, even though the colors are still very nice. We take a lot of pictures, set out a towel and open the wine. We sit, watch the very strong waves (lots of wind today, I guess), sip at the bitter smokey tasting wine out of our hotel glasses (where our toothbrushes usually rest) and have some deep conversation.

Later the stars come out crystal clear in the dark sky. Next to us on the beach is some sort of mini rave party, with a handful of people chilling in a square of ripped-out bamboo trunks. We leave when it starts to get chilly in the wind. On our way back to the hotel we realize that the touristy street in front of our hotel is much more alive once it’s dark – all the other tourists come out at night, when it’s cooler!

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