No impact man!

Hello dear readers, remember me? I’m sorry! I initially didn’t want to interrupt my Cretan adventure run, but then I thought – I haven’t continued it since 2 and a half weeks ago, it might be ok to go ahead with something else. But I do want to continue it eventually! It’s just that I thought I would have time back in France, like last time, to write all day. Turns out I had zero time to write. And then back here there’s all the apprenticeship stuff to take care of, celebrations to be had with friends who either finished their studies as well or are moving away (or both), and even possibly … a moving out of the apartment. More to that later.

So I took the change of interrupting the saga, because it’s been so long since I’ve written that even wordpress itself has changed. And this was supposed to be a quick bite of a post. Doesn’t look like that now. The topic: No impact man!

It’s probably not the most compelling eco-film out there, but quite possibly the most personal. To check out his project blog, go here. I was in the mood to post this thanks to the blogs of my friends, who also brought some very exciting movies to my attention. To see Jo’s list, go here and to see Marc’s list, go here.

If I ever stroke up an interest in living green, my dear intelligent concerned responsible readers (who are also oh-so pretty!), I must urge you to read “Ready, Set, Green” by the authors of Now don’t be afraid, it’s not just some bunch of hippie crap. This book shows many many many many many MANY ways to live eco-friendlier – and here’s the best part – without giving up your lifestyle. True story.


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