Day 15 – this is the end

We had booked our vacation for two weeks, but since we left very early and came back late, that gave us a day more. On our last day the beginning was the same as all the others: The BF got up, washed and dressed, than I got up washed and dressed, then we went to the breakfast buffet. Sadly, they didn’t have neither the french toast nor the baked dough-balls that day, so I had missed the last opportunity to stock up on them. I sure would miss the fresh honey, too. Then it was time to go back to our room and pack our bags. We had done the most the evening before, but there was still the tiresome question of combining two very different climates: no matter how we turned it, we would be melting here and freezing there. So I put on a short and sleeveless top, taking a sweater and jeans along in my backpack. Now the question was: how do we spend our day without sweating too much? We had the room until noon, but our bus to the airport was only coming at five. Beach was out of the question, since we wouldn’t have a shower and it would take too much stuff out of the suitcases. After staying as long as possible in the air-conditioned room, we decided to just walk around a bit.

Up one street and down the other, we took our time checking out every souvenir shop around and taking pictures of the little stuff we might miss. The BF and I still wanted to find some leather bracelets and original Cretan olive oil, plus I wanted to bring back a honey comb (made of real olive wood!). Of course, by the time we had reached the first shop, our stuff was already sweated through. But we found what we were looking for, brought it back to our suitcases which were waiting in the hotel lobby and then headed out for lunch. We went back to the grill place, even though it was so hot, because it tasted good and didn’t cost much. Plus, it wasn’t a bad spot to just hang around for a while, reminiscing of our past two weeks. To cool down after that, we headed back in the other direction to try out an ice-cream parlor we had passed a few times… although there never seemed to be anybody in there. This time, again, there was no-one behind the counter. We had plenty of time to check out the flavors and prices, which apparently go by weight and not by scoops. There was no shade and nowhere to sit, so after a while I got tired of it and wanted to go to the café next door to ask if they had any ice-cream. A lady of a small group standing there caught us as we went by and said: “I saw you waiting. I’ll come serve you”. Um, ok, but when? She just stood there chatting the whole time, not hurrying one bit. That sure wouldn’t happen in Germany.

Back in the lobby with our ice-creams we passed the rest of the time trying to stay in a draft and cool down a bit, sad to leave and pretty worn out. We took turns getting water bottles from the mini market across the street. As it came close to five o’clock, I took a last bathroom break while The BF went to get the last water. As I came back, I saw a bus driver guy waiting and immediately went into panic mode. Were we late? How long had he been waiting? When will The BF be back? As I was trying to lug the luggage to the bus – alone, mister driver didn’t help – The BF came around the corner, as distraught as I was. Greeks had never been on time, let alone early! But nobody seemed too grumpy in the bus, just pensive. And off to the airport we went. My stomach still hadn’t adjusted to the swaying, so I felt pretty sick when we got there. No pictures allowed, because of the military base right next door. Our suitcases were sent through an x-ray before being checked in. No liquids aloud past check-in, so I tried to chug down the whole liter in five minutes (can’t stand waste!). Inside, there was nothing to do. The duty free shop was a joke, the sandwiches were way over-priced and there was a huge line in front of the restrooms (which were disgusting, of course). As you can tell, I wasn’t in the greatest mood, leaving this place. And as it was time to board, the sun was setting, which was at the same time beautiful and really sad.

Once we got on to the plane we saw that our seats were right next to an emergency exit, which made me pretty nervous. But we did have extra leg room. It didn’t help my nerves that the guy in front of us was clearly sick (swine flu?!), sniffing and sneezing the whole time. Somewhere after take-off I managed to take my jeans and change in those tiny WCs. I pretty much dozed off for the rest. The BF woke me before landing, we got our luggage and immediately recognized the legendary German organisation. As we went out I was joking that it would be funny if the friend who was supposed to pick us up would be waiting there with a sign – and he was (Hi Matze)! We piled into his car, The BF already giddy to tell the tales, while I half slept in the back. At one in the morning, I was back home.


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