t.i.l.t. #7 – procrastinated edition

It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted a “Things I love Thursday” post, due to working and moving and other life altering events and whatnot… So although I do realise it’s Monday, I’d like to post a few things that make me smile that have been filling up my list. Here goes:

Hanging around on Sunday morning

I absolutely luuurv this. Having the time to say screw you to the alarm clock (that actually already starts Saturday night), taking a luxurious breakfast with eggs or pancakes or The BF… Not having a time schedule. Walking around in peace. Enjoying the one day I don’t need to have a guilty conscience when I’m lazy.

Cherry Hubba Bubba

I love the taste, I love that it reminds me of childhood – a worry free time when I would even split them with my bff, I love that I still think it’s fun to have a red-dyed tongue. I love the consistency and that I learned to blow bubbles with them.

Rainbow sprinkles

First, again, plain and simple because of the fun factor. And it makes any desert look more yummy. Especially a rainbow cake.

Being able to rub my eyes without make-up

It was true before, but even more so since I’ve started wearing make-up on every day to work. My face gets a rest on the week-ends, unless I go out. And not having to think about smudging every time I want to rub my eyes is a big relief – and so much more satisfying!

Queer as Folk & the CSD

I finally got to witness the Christopher Street Day parade this year, right on my balcony. It’s colorful, it’s loud, it’s fun. Best parade ever. On the same note, it reminded me of “QaF”, a well made TV series about homosexuality (even before the L-Word hype) – and it’s british!

Following songs

(some are old, some are new, all are borrowed, none are blue):

Amanda Blank – DJ

The Prodigy – Omen

The Gossip – Heavy Cross

[Note: I do understand that Beth Ditto is some sort of role-model or fashion icon for the morbidly obese, but I cannot condone it]

The Dresden Dolls – Coin Operated Boy

[Note: too bad there wasn’t a good live video, because then one line would be replaced by “I can even take him in the ass…”]


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