t.i.l.t. #8 – new apartment edition

On October 24th, 2009, I moved. I said good-bye to my 30m² one-room cocoon on the edge of a 6-way main street with blaring lights and noisy neighbours and I can’t say I’ve missed it. On the contrary, there are so many good things about my new apartment that I decided to make a posi-post out of them.

The space

I now live in twice as much square meters than before and the rent is actually cheaper. This allows me to have a real bedroom with a real bed and a real kitchen with a real table. And much more walls. What’s best about more room, though, is that now I can invite more than 3 people over at the same time. For my housewarming party we were about 15, and on my upcoming birthday I plan on doubling that.

The neighbours

Before, I hated them. It felt like they were right next to me and would never shut up. Nobody ever replied to my polite hellos in the entrance and there was a general sense of negativity towards one another that was floating about. Now it’s (almost) like a big (distant) family living together. Everybody greets and takes care of each others mail, I even share an internet account with two of them, and I feel much safer. I still have a direct neighbour that loves to sing – but this time it makes me smile.

The address

My old address was typical for this city, I must admit, but it did get tiresome to explain it to people who weren’t familiar with the quad system. Now I not only have a “normal” street name and number, but on top of that it matches my name. And alliterations make people happy. Plus, even though it might seem paradox, it gets me out more. My old place was practically in the shopping mile of the city, but that made me avoid it more than anything else. Now, when I need something, I know I have to get up and go there, so I do. And I’m not already fed up before I begin.

The peace & quiet

Ah, how I’ve missed and longed for these things in the last six years. Everyone had heard me bitch about the many noises at the old apartment and the constant light. Now these things are gone and I realize to its full extent what a difference it makes. I can sleep at night. Can you imagine? I am no longer the negative, on edge person I was during that constant stress. When I’m alone at home, that’s what it feels like: alone! It’s calm! It’s dark after the sun sets! And if that didn’t make me relax enough: it has a bathtub!

The style

My new apartment is in an old building. The landlord actually grew up in here. There’s a grand entrance and everything is authentic. What surprised me the most was that my old furniture fits right in. More than that: they look as if they were bought to go here. The colors and the feeling all go together. Sure, nothing stays in the walls (my bathroom cabinet actually came crashing down last sunday, even though there was special construction clay around the wall plug) and the heating is going haywire now that there are subzero temperatures outside, but I can’t wait to see the developement over the coming seasons.


4 thoughts on “t.i.l.t. #8 – new apartment edition

  1. I am so happy you like living in the new appartment!!! It is a great friendly house and it’s a nice thought that a kindred spirit still lives there =) I hope I will get to see how you decorated it some day.

  2. I’m really happy that you like the apartment! Your description makes me miss it…

    Btw: I’ll be back at the weekend of the 15th – although I already have events planned for every evening: Are you planning something special? I’d like to squeeze in a quick “hello” =)

  3. hey sounds great 🙂 i have to come over when i’m back in the south sometime!
    hope youre doing good and so !


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