At work in 2010: how I pulled the 180

It just so happened that the week after my first stand-in with L, my sisters came to visit. And since no one cared or paid attention to when I was on ward or not, I declared I would take the next week off, to spend it with my sisters. That was a great decision. We had perfect weather all week, practically like in summer, and were constantly visiting new places I hadn’t been to in the six years I’ve lived here. The little one was super easy, as usual, and all around we had a really great time. Then Thursday, April 22nd, I got a mail from an important professor at the other clinic (let’s call it A). It stated that he had heard I had been assured a spot at A and there had been an opening in his team. He wanted to know if I was interested in paying a visit on the following Tuesday… Clearly, he was into the kind of shock-and-awe treatment. I could just blankly stare at the screen, reading over and over. My sister could not comprehend the weird noises and gestures I was making. Assured? Who said anything about assured? Where did this opening come from? That wasn’t one of the teams they were talking about in the interview… Wait, Tuesday? Did I just have to show up? Bring my resume? *Freak out*

Coincidently, this professor happens to be The BFs boss. Bazinga! I called up The BF and told him I got a mail from his boss. He didn’t understand it any more than me, but at least he knew the team. It turns out they already have two psychologists, who also work in the same research project as The BF, and one PPiA, who was a woman from my class. As far as we knew, they were stocked. He could also tell me that Tuesday was when they had their supervision, so maybe I was just supposed to sit there and watch, or just get to know everybody. That evening, like every Thursday, we had class. As soon as I saw her, I was grinning with a kind of “guess what!” expression. She motioned me into the next room, with an expression showing that she knew what was up. Apparently, we weren’t going to be colleagues (bummer, I would have really liked working with her). I was supposed to replace her – she was quitting. As I later found out, she wasn’t only dropping the clinic, but the formation all together. And that means a lot of money spent to no end. Everybody was shocked and sad to hear that she was leaving, since we’re a really good group where everybody gets along. She was also very helpful in preparing me for Tuesday.

I spent the rest of the week-end in a theory block (boo!) until Monday morning rolled around, where I said good-bye to my sisters and headed back to the old job (clinic Z). Since I had just taken a week off (which were really just three days) and I wasn’t sure of the new spot, I played it cool as if nothing happened. On Tuesday, I faked an indigestion and said I had to stay home sick. Apparently I played the part so well, I looked horrible on Wednesday and they wanted to send me home. Little did they know… I managed to take an early train to A so I got there in advance and waited in front of the prof’s office. One o’clock turns around, he whooshed passed me and told me to come along. We walked down a long corridor (the place is like a maze) and were joined half way by someone who was there to pay a visit as a possible future doctor. Then we all sat down in the team room, while the others who were already there were in full supervision. So we listened and waited until it was done, then they all said their names and we had to introduce ourselves. Then – I kid you not – there was coffee and cake. At work. And so we all sat there chatting, getting to know each other, when all of a sudden I realize that the prof is gone. I ask around if he’s coming back and they say no. Wait a second! Now what? Do I just go home? Do I have the job? What’s going on?

My classmate offers to escort me back to his office, where I have to ask him point-blank: am I in or what? After beating around the bush (per usual, I suppose), he says: if you don’t do anything extreme until then, like become a felon, then yes. But the guy who does the contracts in on vacation, so that’ll have to wait. Whaaa? Seriously? I have the job? I’d like to jump in the air and go “woohoo!”, but I’m guessing that’s inappropriate. So I thank the prof and go home. Just like that. The next day, back at Z, I contacted our old supervisor (B) and asked how exactly one goes about a letter of resignation around here. After he checked with human resources he said: I need to hand in an official letter with a two-week notice to the end of the month. The next day was the last day of the month. The job at A started in two weeks. I was just in time and had a lot of luck this month. I gave him and HR each a letter on Friday and announced my official departure to the ward on Monday. Surprisingly, everybody understood right away, no one was surprised, and they were all happy for me. Now all I had to do was break it to P and L.

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