t.i.l.t. #9 – jumbled edition

As you will be able to tell by the content of some of the following points, these things that have made me smile have been collected over the past several months and might not fit the current season. Now that I have a healthier job, which has also influenced my free time in a positive way, I hope to be collecting faster and posting sooner.

Argan oil

For Christmas my mom bought me a set of eco-organic, all-natural, quality bath products. Among them was a little flask of argan oil. Both my mom and my sister were quasi appalled to here that I did not know it. Apparently, it’s all the rage as a replacement of plain old face lotion. Now I know and I agree. It feels better, it smells good, it lasts longer and my skin is happy. I also happen to have a chapstick with the same ingredient, which keeps my lips smooth and tasting faintly like peanut butter.

My new winter coat

This winter was harsh and my old black Zara coat wasn’t cutting it anymore. I begrudgingly recognized that I had to go shopping for something warmer, only by now the stores already had their next collection. Of course, who wouldn’t want to buy spring clothing when it’s minus 15 degrees outside? The first store I stepped into only had some winter coats left in the sales rack. I looked through them, not really knowing what I was looking for besides “warm” and “does not make me look like a marshmallow”, when my eye fell on something animalistic… A lamb-skin coat – just like the hippies wore – but modern. Light brown suede on the outside, wool on the inside, down over the knees, all synthetic and no animals harmed. I tried it on, it fit real snug. There were only two left in the store, both in S. It would have cost 80€, I got it for 30. It fit me so well, in fact, that when I wanted to parade it to The BF that evening, he didn’t even notice it was new (and he usually sees that kind of stuff). I love it and have one thing to look forward to once the subzero temperatures come back.

My new bike – Finn

Even though my old bike was still rolling along just fine, The BF convinced me to get a “real” one. With 27 gears instead of 3. A crossbike instead of a used city bike. Luckily for him, the store allowed us to test drive it twice, so he didn’t have much convincing to do. It was a whole other world. I could effortlessly pedal up a steep slope. The brakes worked immediately. I could turn sharp corners. There were only two problems: the height of the seat was scaring the shit out of me, because when I stopped I had to jump off since my feet couldn’t touch the ground while my bum was still on the saddle, second there were no back pedal brakes and that took some getting used to. But man was I fast. And it was actually fun to ride a bike now! We could go on tours without me sweating my guts out and being sore all over! Plus, it looks really bad-ass. Finn was totally worth its money.

Long baths with Lush

Now that I have a bathtub, I am using the hell out of it. Especially with the freezing winter and my new badly isolated apartment. Thanks to Lush bath bombs, I can have fun already while letting the water in, while the bomb fizzles away. Then it swirls all these beautiful colors around, as if you were about to dip into a pool of bubble gum or lavender or chocolate and caramel. And while you sit and soak you can breathe in the most tantalizing smells, which incidentally fill the apartment afterwards, leaving it smelling yummy for days. The emotibombs were how I got to know Lush and I am proud to say I’ve been stocking up ever since – a new shipment with body cream, solid conditioner and a face cleanser should be on its way right now.

Hot chocolate with chilli

This was something I’ve always wanted to try – especially since the movie Chocolat. I knew the origins of chocolate were bitter and not sweet, which is why in Mexico for instance they use it for cooking. One very cold day when my mom, the little one and I were sightseeing in Heidelberg, I saw a chocolaterie that offered just that. What a perfect stop to regain feeling in my numbed toes. I must say it wasn’t as strong as hoped, but it was interesting. A few days later I actually found a sort of tea with that flavor in an organic general store. Now it’s one of my favorites.


This is a store I knew for Paris, which sells ordinary, every-day items with a whimsical design. Where mittens become alligators and staplers are skulls. That same day in Heidelberg, we discovered that not only are there chocolateries, a Lush shop and a Mango there (all things we don’t have here) – there is now also a Pylones shop. Even though I didn’t need anything, just browsing around in that store lifts the spirits.


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