t.i.l.t. #10 – the pleasure post edition

I realise I left you hanging at a pretty bad spot in my line of posts about work – think of it as a cliff hanger before summer break! – but I promise I will update and fill the blanks ’til present. Meanwhile, I got another idea I wanted to post about and how fitting it is that it would happen to be my 10th TILT. To maximize those posipost moments I give you: the pleasure case.

What is a pleasure case, you might ask. Well, it’s an idea the psychologists came up with. But don’t run away just yet – it gets rewarding! The concept is a therapeutic method used to treat many different disorders, for instance depression. Many people become depressed because of a downward spiral: they feel bad, retreat, experience less things (including positives), feel worse, etc. But it can be used for anyone: train your perception towards the positives. When you spend too much time doing chores, work and other necessary but unpleasant things, remind yourself to look after yourself. Create a balance; indulge sometimes.

The first thing you have to realize is that pleasurable (or any kind of) experiences go through the five senses. So to fill your pleasure case, this is what you do: find a nice box / case / luggage you can fill. Then try training your five senses by actively using them, becoming more aware of them. Then anser these five questions: What do I like to smell? What do I like to see? What tastes good to me? What feels good to me? What are pleasant sounds? The lists for people who don’t have a disorder can be endless, but then think about this: how can I fit these things into a box? When you finds these things, fill your case. And then when you’re feeling blue, down in the dumps, you can take your pleasure box out, experience the things you put in, and already your spirits will be lifted.

Here are mine (I just thought about this recently, so I don’t have a filled case yet or anything):

1. Sight: soap bubbles. They make me feel like a kid again and this association makes me happy. I also always have to smile when I see a dachshund. Or pretty much any kind of dog (small things that look like rats don’t count). I find plants / flowers / green stuff very nice and soothing to look at. Or any kind of wide open spaces (ocean, fields, etc.), but they won’t fit in a box. And The BF.

2. Smell: I have to say off the bat that I have a sensitive nose. I pick up a lot of smells no one else notices and a lot of my memories are connected with smells. Some examples of nice scents to me are buttered popcorn, freshly baked bread / cake / cookies, fresh fruit (especially berries), fresh herbs and spices, Lush cosmetic products, the air in wide open spaces, the asphalt on a hot summer day after a thunderstorm, The BF.

3. Taste: ooh boy, where do I start? Can I just say any kind of good food? Hmm. That wouldn’t do well in a box. So dark chocolate with raspberry then. The way it melts on the tongue, changing from hard to soft… Or root beer (I react to that like fluid crack). I also find the combination of sweet and salty quite titillating (what a word).

4. Hearing: I woke up the other day to the sound of rain and found it quite relaxing. Generally I like deep sounds like bass. Or small noises you have to strain a little to hear, like the chirping of grasshoppers when you go to sleep. I also quite enjoy the sound of silence. And certain pieces of music, of course, but that depends on the mood.

5. Touch: I like many soft textiles against my skin, like cotton. I like having raw materials in my hands, like wood. I also love to walk on grass or wet sand. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to stick my hands into big bags of beans like in the movie “Amélie”. I also quite enjoy the fluffy feeling of my hair when they’re freshly washed and dried.

What would your box look like?


3 thoughts on “t.i.l.t. #10 – the pleasure post edition

  1. Sight: Dogs too: always makes me feel happy and I automatically smile, ballet dancers, ocean and trees..

    Smell: Dad’s cooked meals, Marc, my bed, freshly cut grass, the typical spring smell

    Taste: what can I say: chocolate of course and fruit esp. watermelon – I once managed to eat the whole thing 😉

    Hearing: ocean waves, plain guitar or piano music, my mom’s huming 😉

    Touch: my cosy bed, the fur of dogs or animals in general, hugs

  2. Well, at “taste” I started thinking it might be inappropriate, and then I just didn’t want to overdo it 😉 But I still don’t know what would be in your box!

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