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I’ve been sick in bed for the third day now, and it’s not getting any more exciting. Thank the flying spaghetti monster for the internet. Or should I say Al Gore… Anyway, as you can read I could be posting more now with all this time, but my thoughts don’t exactly make much sense – less than usual, anyway. So instead I browse and make lists. Books I’d like to read but can’t get around buying yet, or upcoming movies that look interesting. Here are some picks (in a decreasing order) with two reasons each to watch:

The Tourist

Reason 1 and one of the best reasons to watch a movie on the big silver screen: Johnny Depp. And that would be enough on its own to spark my interest, but it looks exciting, too. And reason 2: Muse in the soundtrack. Good music. Release date for Germany: december 23rd – ugh.

The Road

I read the book and was blown away. A very unique way of writing and a chilling, suspenseful story. Now this could be a reason why not to see the movie, because usually film versions of books are disappointing. But the trailer pictures come pretty close to the pictures I had in my head while reading, so it’s worth a shot. Plus: Viggo Mortensen. Not only does he look good, but he acts well too. Release date for Germany: october 7th.


I know this isn’t along the tastes of many people, but what can I say – I’m a sucker for M. Night Shyamalan movies. Added bonus: study of human behavior! Wouldn’t watch this one alone or at night, though. Release date for Germany: november 25th.

Leaves of Grass

Reason 1: Edward Norton. In a double role on top of that. Reason 2: the Oklahoma dialect and people. Might just watch this one on the little screen, though.

The Social Network

Let’s face it: Facebook is huge. Ginormous. A new era. And it began only less than seven years ago. And I think Jesse Eisenberg is a good actor. So, let’s see how this movie turns out – in Germany october 7th.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Reason 1: psycho theme – gets me every time. Reason 2: the cast: Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Lauren Graham, Jeremy Davies, Aasif Mandvi, …


Reason 1: Milla Jovovich (and Edward Norton, again). Reason 2: intrigues! Characters that aren’t black&white!


2 thoughts on “movies to watch

  1. wow, great recommendations. i’m not sure about the first one because i just can’t get over my aversion towards the jolie woman. but i have never seen johnny depp look so grown-up. devil looks really scary, but it could also be really over the top (like the director is prone to being) thus failing at being effective. i already watched leaves of grass and was really disappointed. i wonder what you will think about it. i originally didn’t want to watch the social network at all until i find out it was directed by david fincher. i don’t get why they don’t say so anywhere. but anyway, now i look forward to it. i had never heard of it’s kind of a funny story and stone before. they both look great though. thanks for sharing these =)

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