Young, fresh & new

Well hello again. What’s this? Two posts in one day? A new theme? Topics that aren’t just the ramblings? Why yes! 2012 is my year for starting new. Cleaning up, moving on. And so is my blog. When I started this all, Facebook wasn’t such a big thing and I wanted to get my opinions and musings out there. Now that Facebook keeps me connected with (almost) everyone around the world, and I can share links, videos, the books I’m reading and my general thoughts at any given time, the purpose of my blog must adapt. I will now be using this for posts that are too personal for Facebook. For everything else, go there.

The same idea is behind the theme change: less clutter, more overview and focus. Tell me what you think of it. I might be trying different ones out along the next few days / weeks. On to more topics! I was hesitating to share these next two links on Fb, for fear of outing myself as a sexually interested person and getting reactions I didn’t want to hear. But I still want to spread the word, so here goes.

Confidential to Rush Limbaugh:

I don’t care how much sex anyone has, how often they do it, or who they do it with. I’m much more interested in the consent, pleasure, and well-being of the participants and the people affected by it. I respect women who are asexual, celibate, monogamous, multi-partnered, or have had more partners than they can recall. I respect women who only have sex after a commitment to monogamy and those who have sex with someone within minutes of meeting them. I respect women who have transactional sex, women who have sex for love, or for any other reason. I know that all of these categories are permeable and that many women move from one to another. And I know that any of these decisions can be made from a place of personal power, choice, and authenticity, as well as from a place of coercion, shame, and disempowerment. (Via Charlie Glickman)

Now if there’s one thing keeping me from moving back to the US, it’s this kind of sex-negative thinking the (some) Republicans have. It really makes my skin crawl, and at the same time I just know it’s being misconstrued over here in Europe. Which brings me to my next quote, that made everything better again.

Americans are creating massive public outcries in favor of sex for pleasure, sex for reasons other than procreation, sex for sex’s own sake. Americans are willing to stand up and acknowledge that they have sex because it feels good — and they are creating massive public outcries when people try to interfere with that, or try to shame them about it. […] Partly it tickles me to see how laughably out of touch the Republican Party is with the mainstream of American thought. The Republican Party has been trying to run this year on a morality campaign (possibly to shore up their base, possibly because the economy is getting better and they don’t have anything else to run on). But the horses they’ve decided to flog — birth control and gay rights — just don’t run like they used to. (Via Greta’s Free Thought Blog)

So there you go. I hope you’ll tune in again tomorrow, when I want to start a new installment / refresh an old category and keep the positivity going.


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