t.i.l.t. #11 – the being thankful edition

Three things I realized over the course of rereading all my entries this sunday: one, I wasn’t going to keep the promise I made the day before (but I’m making up for that now) and two, I left a huge gap in my posts. I hadn’t written once about my job at the hospital I’ve been working for this last year, nor my time at the clinic the year before. So somewhere in the near future I would like to sum that up, in order to continue where I left off. Thirdly, while reading all that, I must say this new theme was growing on me. I think I’ll keep it.

In the meantime, back to this post. I’ve been reading some books on positive psychology, and several recommend focussing on what you’re grateful for in life. This can be kept as a journal, writing down things that make you happy during the day, or the more classical form of sharing around the dinner table what each one has been thankful for. Similar idea in the movie “Happythankyoumoreplease” – recognize what is good, be thankful, and ask for more (please).

So I would like to resume the infamous “Things I like Thursday” posts, only maybe more in a thankful way, going over the week on Sundays or something of the sorts. Here it is for this past week.

Monday – I came back to work from having a week off while my family was visiting. I am thankful for the fact that all went smoothly while I was gone and that my patients had a good outcome. Even though my colleagues said this as if it were a big surprise.

Tuesday – We had our before-last session of “Selbsterfahrung”, which some wanted to use to the fullest. One other participant and I value more the fact of voicing an opinion than keeping the harmony intact. We voiced our critique, and even though it’s probably not going to change anything, I am thankful for taking a stand.

Wednesday – I had three new patients to take up, and I am thankful for my organizational skills. Even though I had stuff to do that afternoon and my cold was at it’s worst, I still got stuff done and had the time in between to be randomly stopped on the street by a friend I was meaning to get back to. I am thankful for this uplifting couple of minutes.

Thursday – In the morning I only had two outpatient sessions, which went well. The afternoon I took off work because of the supervision I had scheduled. We found a good group and our supervisor is kind but direct, which is good for me. I am thankful for that stabilizing anchor. Plus it was nice to grab a coffee with a friend afterwards.

Friday – My boss was back from his vacation and got to know my new patients, all of them rather complex and a very interesting bunch. I am thankful for the opportunity of showing him the kind of work I can do. The afternoon was spent leisurely in front of series, and I am thankful for having the time (and allowing myself the time) for this kind of activity.

Saturday – I was surprisingly productive in putting away the stuff from the boxed my family  and I used to clear out my office. I am thankful for the tidiness and order in my apartment. And most of all, this week, I am thankful for rekindling with my blog.


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