How I met this guy, Ep. 4

Unbelievable. It’s almost May, I’m still telling the story of how we met, and we’re not even together… yet. The posts up until now have depicted the very beginning: meeting at the club and having 1 date the following Tuesday, which kind of spilled over to Wedenesday too. Then I took the train to France, to spend Christmas with the family. As usual. And not, as was previously planned, with the (F)BF, since we were on a “temporary break-up”. Christmas was nice, we stayed in touch over messages and chatting, and for New Years my sisters came back with me to Germany. He was staying at his parents, since he moved out of his apartment in light of the upcoming world trip. I couldn’t wait to see him again, and he couldn’t either, so we picked the soonest date possible: I had to go back to work on January 2nd, the day my sisters left, and he came to pick me up from work. I was so nervous and giddy, I couldn’t stop grinning the whole time in the car. And thus came our second date, kind of. Again, he ended up staying until Wednesday morning. Since I had to work on Tuesday, I left him my keys. And yes, I can hear you all asking me if I’m nuts for doing that. But instead of robbing me, he actually¬†repaired my icebox, repaired the bed, went shopping, did the dishes and made Thai dinner. This guy has moves, I tell ya.

The rest of the week he also had things to do, so we met back up the next Monday, where he picked me up from work again. This time I wasn’t as giddy – I had just learned that morning that my contract will not be renewed and I was facing unemployment come March. On the way home I was just stunned and shocked and going through different scenarios in my head, trying to find a solution. He was as supportive as he could be, given the circumstances. Had I had any sooner notice, I probably would have dropped everything and gone with him on this trip. He kept saying how we should have met sooner, how much he liked me, what he liked about me… It was becoming increasingly clear that our meetings were addictive. Again, I had to leave for work on Tuesday, he stayed in my apartment, and when I came home for work we had one hour left. One hour before he went home to leave for a world trip the next morning. For a year. And I could be totally freaking out at this point, but the funny thing is, I was convinced it would be ok. He has such confidence – in himself, in the world – that I believed everything will turn out ok.

Incidentally, that same week, The (F)BF had written that he would like to meet up, ahead of time, to talk. We met up that Wednesady, the day the world traveller left, and I had a feeling he was cutting our break short. Sure enough, he stated the facts first – all the reasons why it wouldn’t work out between us, all the things he was unsatisfied with – before telling me that he had fallen in love with someone else. And that they wanted to set things straight with me before doing anything. How noble, right? And how could I say anything else but give my blessing. Go forth, be merry. And for some warped reason I was so worried about him feeling guilty that I told him about this guy I met. And his new girl – who I knew, and couldn’t imagine the two of them fitting together – wanted to speak to me in person, at work, to clear her conscience. I was all smiles and graciousness, but in hindsight I really wonder what the F was in it for me. At the time, though, I didn’t really ponder on it – I had a birthday to plan. By myself. And besides that, it was really a sense of freedom that dominated it all. I was free from anything that could tie me down to where I was. No more long term relationship, soon no more job, a new year, a road of endless possibilities ahead.


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