Welcome to Cloud Razors, my blog on bubkes.wp.com.

The story of how I got to blogging goes pretty quickly: I watched a German show in which they talked about a new feminist magazine that should come out in fall 2008 (http://missy-magazine.de). I went to check that out on the web and found some wonderful links from there. The most important for the forming of this blog was Dooce.com (for more about that see my post “I heart dooce“).

I really liked the way she wrote, and it got my brain going, which seemed to have sunken into slumber for some time (blame the university? who knows). Besides that, I discovered several feminist links, which brought up topics that I simply find important and worthy of a discussion. After posting several comments on those pages, I decided to start my own platform to voice my opinion on stuff and hopefully strike up some interesting conversations.

That’s also why I would like you, dear reader, to pass this site on – I’d like to gather the most different opinions possible. A reason also for writing in English, which is less limited than German, and can reach more people. Besides that, it’s good practice (see biography for background).

So the topics of this blog will most likely than not be about different issues I picked up somewhere and would like to discuss or other troubling thoughts that came up and I would like to share. Inspired by the blogs of my friends (see blogroll) I also intend writing about recent books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, recipes I liked or about everyday madness.

And I think, if I keep this up long enough, it would be really nice to read over. Remember the times and reminisce, or keep it as a diary, since my memory really isn’t that great and who knows what the future might bring. I’m sure I could look back then, point at myself and say: haha, you didn’t see a single thing coming.



 P.S. : I would like to keep this blog anonymous, for the sake of safety, so please don’t divulge any name other than your own.


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