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How I met this guy, Ep. 4

Unbelievable. It’s almost May, I’m still telling the story of how we met, and we’re not even together… yet. The posts up until now have depicted the very beginning: meeting at the club and having 1 date the following Tuesday, which kind of spilled over to Wedenesday too. Then I took the train to France, … Continue reading


What is turning out to be a never-ending story, part three

So. This guy I met. Man do I have a lot to sum up again. Tell me when I’m boring you. Anyway, that was the Saturday night / Sunday morning experience. I actually think I went up to him saying: so you’re the guy going on a world trip, huh? Just to be clear on … Continue reading


The unraveling of things, part dos.

Rereading my last post, it’s weird how events from so many weeks that seem to drag out forever in real life are summed up in just a few paragraphs. I can assure you it wasn’t all that simple as it reads, a multitude of turmoil and confused emotions and ever-changing states along the way. I … Continue reading