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I am on “vacation”

Christmas has some and gone, New Years is just around the bend. I am currently at home, wrenching my gut and trying to relax (at the same time, of course). I seem to have developed a love-hate relationship with my work. I had originally planed to take just one week off, to go home for … Continue reading

Public vent of private affairs

This is probably going to come bite me in the ass later in life, but I just spent a week with my family and I need to vent. Since The BF gets it the rest of the time and, dear internet, YOU CAN’T STOP ME, I will relieve myself here. My mom just called to … Continue reading

Sappy crap

Yesterday evening, I watched the two new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice – and they both had something in common that got me thinking, or more: reminiscing. *Spoiler Alert!* ┬áSee, in Grey’s Anatomy, they’re currently treating a man from death row. A murderer. And this brings up problems with Shepherd, because his dad … Continue reading