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…and then everything went dark

Last Wednesday, the 18th, was a rather eventful day. In the morning The BF had a very important exam, which he aced with the same grade I got the week before. Since a friend of ours went right before him and also got the same very good grade and we have this tradition of eating … Continue reading

Europeans – feel helpless no more!

Hello my fellow readers without American citizenship. Maybe I’ve been bothering you with my many post about the upcoming US election, maybe you find it just as important to be informed. Either way, since the outcome will probably also have an effect on European countries, you might feel a tad frustrated about the fact that … Continue reading

News Flashes

Things I heard this morning: ┬áJohnny Depp will be playing in a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, the “Mad Hatter” in a Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland, and the movie version of the wonderful book “Shantaram” (by Gregory David Roberts). Can’t wait. John McCain crashed and said he will be “postponing” the … Continue reading