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Young, fresh & new

Well hello again. What’s this? Two posts in one day? A new theme? Topics that aren’t just the ramblings? Why yes! 2012 is my year for starting new. Cleaning up, moving on. And so is my blog. When I started this all, Facebook wasn’t such a big thing and I wanted to get my opinions … Continue reading

I’m back! … kinda.

Hello everyone! I just got back from my vacation in/on Crete, yesterday at 1 in the morning. Today I have over 70 e-mails and over 300┬ánetvibes posts to go through, without counting what I left lying around to take care of when I get back, the (very long and tedious) to-do-list for the next days/weeks, … Continue reading

I am one year old!

Speaking from the point of view of my blog, I turn one year old today! I originally started the idea and the site on April 21rst, 2008, but the first post went online on April 22nd. That’s good for two reasons: 1 – it makes it a day further away from Hitler’s birthday (April 20th, … Continue reading