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I don’t know why I’m only now noticing Ryan Gosling. While in the states, The BF and I went to go see “Crazy Stupid Love” at the movies, Steve Carell funny as always. Then there were commercials for “The Ides of March” and “Drive” and I kept thinking: is that that same guy from the … Continue reading

Random things I’ve been meaning to post

Aww, poor little blog! It’s all been going downhill since I started to work! No time or energy left but to quickly post one-liners on Facebook… Ah, how I miss the time and freedom of creative phrasing. First, I’ve got to clean things up. So following are a small list of clips I’ve been meaning … Continue reading

Back to some fluff, please

Ah, I just discovered a video that I simply must share with you, dear readers, especially as a lightening counterpart to my previous hard-to-digest posts. But I apologize in advance if anyone (or everyone) doesn’t understand what I’m talking about because – my god – the tangents, they are making my head explode. First off: … Continue reading