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So, where’ve you been?

My last ever exam, the day I finished my studies, was on July 9th. That evening I gathered with a few good friends at a lovely cafĂ© outside, drank, talked, laughed and tried to feel accomplished and adult-like. That still doesn’t work, but maybe once I turn the dreaded 25 I’ll stop feeling like I’m … Continue reading

Public vent of private affairs

This is probably going to come bite me in the ass later in life, but I just spent a week with my family and I need to vent. Since The BF gets it the rest of the time and, dear internet, YOU CAN’T STOP ME, I will relieve myself here. My mom just called to … Continue reading

In an absolute quest to who-knows-what exactly

Four score and seven years ago… or, to be more precise, last Thursday… I had the most important exam of all my “career” so far. And since then, I’ve been trying to break out of the space-time-continuum that is the void of prep time. But what happened before the exam isn’t as interesting as what … Continue reading